Our favourite duo Harrison First & Angie unveil their epic and flawless, second album ‘Follow the white rabbit’.

Thanks to Harrison First and Angie
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud

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You’ve got a brand new single called ‘ dreaming of paris ’ – can you tell me about the story behind the track, and how it came together?

Dreaming of Paris is an experience in Paris that feels like a dark fantasy. The story has some very descriptive and graphic points but it’s good to let the listener use their imagination. Instead of going with the typical romanticised approach of songs in Paris, I wanted to create something that felt sonically edgy to match the details of the songwriting and one that creates some contrast from the title of the song.

This is the first single to have been shared from your new album follow the white rabbit – what further hints can you share with us as to what to expect?

Now that the album is out, people can see and hear that this is a rock album, and this was the first time for me that I created a rock album. Most people know me from my alternative r&b and rap music, then the edgy indie pop music but this was one that pushed my limits. For this album there are two music videos that kind of show you what the theme of the album is and what I was thinking.

And what have been some of your hopes and ambitions while putting this record together?

When putting out Dreaming of Paris, I wanted the song to serve as a prelude as to what is to come, and the direction we are going with the album.

This is your second full album release – what advice have you given to yourselves from previous experiences, to help you reach the finish line?

For me, personally I told myself that this might be my last album so be patient and try and make it your best

Did you have a particular sound or feel that you wanted to capture on the record?

I wanted to capture the indie rock feel with 2021 digital tools to produce it. The theme of the album has a culty vibe so it felt like the right thing to do by having the production more rocky.

What would you say is your favourite part of the music making process – are you all about the studio, or is it the live performances that get you excited?

My favorite part in the music making process is feeling like you have a special song and coming up with an idea and then executing it. After that, I love to see the people’s reaction to the music.

We’ve heard some fantastic new music from you recently, so what are some of the thoughts and ambitions going into the music that you’re making at the moment?

Currently my aim is to get back to urban music and try to innovate in that space sonically. Trying to make something that’s beyond me and this world.

And finally, do you have any good new music tips to share with us?
The best tip I can give is make sure you are staying in tune with your heart and spirit in order to create something authentic to you.