They/Live is the project of Whitney Mower, a Utah-born musician and writer based in Los Angeles. She is returned with To Know Your Love, which is another contagious synth-pop banger full of 80s vibes and irresistible melodies.

I recorded “To Know Your Love” in 2020, deep into the Covid lockdown in a garage on my laptop. The chorus melody and lyrics came to me as I was driving through the mountains, up to Lake Tahoe, to see a friend who was quarantining in a cabin by a river—the first time I’d left the city in months. Italo Calvino’s book, Invisible Cities sat in the passenger’s seat. And as I drove, I dreamed of chasing a lover through distant, dreamy, foreign places—dark passageways and forbidden structures across humid evenings. That’s when the lyrics came to me: “… find you in the labyrinth unwinding / I go where I should never go / I learn what I should never learn to know your love / I give what I can never get back / I learn what I should never learn to know your love.”

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