Alt-pop band Sarpa Salpa return with Ghost, a new track that reveals the band’s aspirations of grandeur.

Sarpa Salpa went back into the studio in December with the backing of the PPL Momentum Fund to finish the rest of the EP recording ‘Another Life’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘As Good as It Gets’. At this time the band also hit 750,000 streams across platforms including 500,000 on Spotify alone.

The EP follows a theme of chasing a feeling, for Sarpa Salpa this is performing live music. With a potential return to live music in June, a 9-date UK tour has been booked including London, Manchester and their much-anticipated hometown show at the largest venue in Northampton, the Roadmender.

“‘GHOST‘ is quite simply about the complexities of being in a relationship with somebody who is already committed to somebody else. It’s based very literally on a real experience and encompasses all of the jealousy, confusion, bitterness and heartbreak that was felt during that time. The chaotic nature of the music kind of reflects the turbulence of the situation and I think you really feel the intensity of those feelings not just through the lyrics but through the frenzied tangle of instruments and vocals. It’s quite a frantic listen but I think that just throws you into the turmoil of being in love with someone who only loves you back in secret.“

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