American artist Yummm has just released his debut album titled For a moment I love you.

It’s an impressive nine-track collection of his smooth electro/alt-pop/r&b sound and style, which can be likened to a mix between Toro y Moi, Duckwrth, and Blood Orange. Yummm choose the song « Be a man » as the new promotional single taken from the album.

Be a Man is about being a man, and how different people have different ideas of what that means. The verses start out wary of traditional masculinity, then become selective of « masculine » traits that are positive, and end up hopeful for a more flexible definition of what it means to be the gender that you are.

The choruses evoke my fear that the outside world is impatient for me to figure myself out, and would rather just squeeze me into a mold. And I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling.

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