Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Mountain Bird has recently released a new single title Modern Man and it’s, as usual, an incredible song.

This is the first time he appears on our blog, from the first listening , I felt in love with this powerful pop song with a chorus that stick in your head.
Modern Man, the first single from an upcoming EP, is produced by Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St.Lucia and Elderbrook).

“It’s not a hate song to capitalism or growth, it’s more of an acknowledgement that we need to stay informed and humble in order to prevent the greediness of human beings taking over.” explains Mountain Bird, “People with power need to share. People with anger need to listen. If we can get this conversation to flow on a regular basis, we can all see money and material privilege as something that we have created for ourselves…a piece of paper shouldn’t decide if you get help when you’re sick or not.”

The song is accompanied by a video, which Mountain Bird co-directed with Erik Ögnelooh.

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