How can I forget one of my favourite surprises of the year? After the release of the acclaimed single Taste, this Queer alt-pop artist Ian Abel continues to produce new music for the joy of the public.

His new single Mirror Mirror, shows all his skills, an impeccable pop production seasoned by his smooth velvety voice. The song came from an experience Abel had years after his first big breakup while sifting through old emails.Ne

Speaking about Mirror Mirror he explains: “I was honestly still totally hung up on it,” says Ian. “I thought my ex and I were meant for each other. But reading old emails it suddenly dawned on me that we weren’t perfect after all… I realized that the version of us I had in my head wasn’t really how it was, and it was like a huge weight was lifted.”

Once again, Ian Abel won us over with this new title. Hoping that an album project will come to light soon.

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Mirror Mirror