With his previous singles Control and Wicker Blanket, Honas already gave us a glimpse of his creative vision.

His latest single Cash Machine is a fine example of his captivating sound and style. A more upbeat offering this time, with pulsating synth bass, muted guitars, and a joyful chorus of voices, « Kill another hour, kill another day ».

Speaking about the track, Honas says,I spent 4 years doing a Commercial Modern Music degree. Cash Machine was written in the year after I had graduated. I saw old friends come out with their degrees in Law, Engineering, Physiotherapy etc. They appeared to know what they were doing. The next steps were quite clear for them. But what do you do with a music degree? Like so many of my fellow music graduate friends, I found myself working jobs I hated just to (barely) afford to live in Dublin. I went through long spells of not finding time or energy to put into music. I realised how ridiculous and hilarious a situation we had found ourselves in, and wrote Cash Machine with an air of « Oh so this is how it is? Right then. Not what I expected. » It was an attempt to poke a little bit of fun, to distract from that sense of doom that can creep in.

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