We were able to chat with emerging artist Ellen Krauss about everything from her new single, growing up in the entertainment industry, and so much more. Check out our interview below…

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You’ve recently released your single ‘No Talk’, absolutely fantastic by the way. Can you take us through the making of the track? What inspired the record?

Thank you! Making ”No Talk” was super fun and inspiring. I have to give a lot of praise to my talented producers. I love the sound-image and the strings on the track. I feel like we rarely talk about being nervous or perhaps shy around people, I certainly don’t, and we don’t ever talk about intimacy issues but I know that this is a big deal. Especially in the LGBTQ-community. We weren’t given a hand book on how to do things. I had to write about that.

You were born in Stockholm, but then lived occasionally in South Africa. How did that move influence your sound?

I don’t know if living in South Africa in particular has influenced my sound, but living abroad definitely has. Going to an international school forced me to learn english at an early age and I believe that’s the reason I write in english. I’m just better at expressing myself in that language.

Do you remember the first song you wrote?

Yeah, it was a cheesy one. I wrote it for my newborn brother. I was thirteen I think.

I read you find inspiration from Ed Sheeran, King Princess, Dire Straits, and Bruce Springsteen, which I definitely hear on your tracks — but is there anyone or anything else you find inspiration from?

I find a lot of inspiration in music of course. Right now I’m like only listening to Kings of Leon and The 1975. But yeah, I find inspiration in people and places. I feel like many of us have a story and I believe it’s alright to be inspired by someone when writing. And places, they’re just there you know. Experiencing different environments can really set the mood for a potential song or just spark my imagination.

Who would be your dream collaboration?  

This is such a tough question, but I would love to collaborate with Mark Ronson. That would be crazy cool. Also wouldn’t hate to feature The 1975…

What’s your writing routine? What are the must-haves during a session? Where is your favourite place to create?

My writing routine is basically nonexistent. I just write when I feel like it and when I have stuff on my mind. Just me and the guitar and I’m usually at home. My must-haves? Haha, I like drinking beer and wearing sweatpants. Coffee is also a go-to.

And when you’re not working on your own music, do you prefer to listen to music that is similar to yours… or do you prefer to venture away and listen to stuff that are completely different?

I prefer to venture away and listen to cool music. Completely different stuff.  But I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts as well. It’s nice to not alway blast music.


The world is a bit of an uncertain place at the moment, how have you been keeping yourself busy during isolation?

Yeah. It’s all really weird right now. But hopefully we’ll get out if this situation as stronger and more humble human beings. In Sweden, we’ve had a very different approach during this pandemic compared to the rest of the world, we haven’t been isolated at all, just my grandparents. My life hasn’t changed that much at all other than the fact that all my gigs this summer are cancelled. It sucks. I really love playing live.

When this slightly delicate period is over, where is the first place you’re going to ?

I’m going to Bali! (Pun very much intended.)

With your amazing new track ‘Bali’ just released, what else can fans expect from Ellen Krauss this year?

More music! Some acoustic versions of songs I’ve already released and some entirely new ones.