To celebrate the release of her second LP ‘Synthian‘, we got to know the synth pop queen Nina a little better!

Thanks to Nina and AZTEC Records
Photos : Katie Knight-adams and Say Goodnight Films
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud

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Hey Nina, How are you today?

I’m good. I’m currently in Berlin, sitting in my mum’s garden and enjoying the sunshine, while I take a break from writing new songs.

We’ve been huge fans of you here at TEEZ’ since right back in the ‘My Mistake’ days! ‘SYNTHIAN’ is your new album, can you tell us a bit about the making of the record and what is it about?

First of all thank you TEEZ for the support over the years. ‘Synthian’ took 2 years to finish and is essentially a love note to my fans for showing me love and support throughout the years. It’s a collaborative album ft. LAU and expresses the depths of love, technology, desire, humanity and the soul.

You co-write all the song with new artist LAU, can you tell us more about her?

LAU and I have been collaborating together since day 1, when we first released ‘We Are The Wild Ones’ back in 2013. We’ve been a great team and worked really hard all those years. She’s now started her solo project ‘LAU’ and I’m very excited for her. Her first Single ‘Stunning’ is already very popular and her debut album is going to be fire.

Where and how was ‘Synthian’ created, and what are some of your fondest memories of the process?

‘Synthian’ was partly written and recorded in London and partly in Sweden. I’ve teamed up again with Oscillian and Richard X; new to the team is legendary Ricky Wilde and talented German Synthwave producer Till Wild.

Working with all of them really helped me create this little musical Universe.

LAU and I wrote ‘Love Is Blind’ with Till Wild and it was all done via email. The song was actually meant to go on my debut album ‘Sleepwalking’ but we had too many ballads already, so it didn’t make the cut. I’m very happy that we were able to include it in ‘Synthian’.

My fondest memories are probably getting together with Oscillian, Richard X and Ricky Wilde and write / record in their home studios. It felt familiar and intimate. I remember laughing so much in Ricky’s studio when LAU was so tired she fell asleep in his massage chair.

Do you spend more time writing or singing?

Probably singing. I sing ALL the time. It also takes much longer to record my vocals than it does to write lyrics.

But I find both writing and singing a great way to express myself. I’m really not a great talker.

Other artists like Richard X, Oscillian, Ricky Wilde and Till Wild worked on the new album. Do you have any artists that you would like to work with?

I’m a big fan of M83, Chromatics and Woodkid. It would be a dream to work with any of these incredibly talented artists. They’re so diverse.

Last year you announced that you were going to record a song with Bright Light Bright Light. Will this track be on a next project?

Yes, it will most likely be included in my third album. ‘Goodbye’ ft. BLBL is a beautiful ballad. It’s about friendships and being there for one another. I’m a big fan of Rod’s voice and always wanted to sing a duet with him, so I’m happy we finally made it happen.

I remember one day listening on Instagram to one of your cover from a French song, do you plan one day to record one of your songs in French?

I’d love to. French is such a sensual, melodic language. I actually learned French in school, but sadly never continued to practice it, so I kind of forgot most words.

Among the songs that you have composed, is there one that is particularly close to your heart?

All of them are my babies and very close to my heart. But if I had to pick one, I’d say ‘The Distance’. It’s the last song on the album and has a more cinematic approach, which I always wanted to try out. It’s about the power of love and how the distance between two lovers can span miles and centuries.

We know that you’re supposed to love them all equally, but which are your favourite songs to perform live?

‘Your Truth’ and ‘Automatic Call’. They’re both very energetic songs and I really connect with them on stage. It’s strange really how can you connect to a song so differently when you perform it live than when you record it in the studio. It’s like the song comes alive at night with the energy of the audience.

Social media and marketing for music artists seem to go hand in hand these days. Tell us what do you like to do/use in social media and what kind of action do you like to see in return from the fans?

I try to post visually appealing content and get creative with my posts. And I always make the time to reply or take notice of all the comments. It really does make a difference when you stay approachable to your fans. They want to get to know you and it goes both ways. I genuinely want to know who buys my music.

For the past few weeks, artists have been using social networks to promote their music. Do you plan to do live sessions soon?

It’s a little tricky for me right now, as I’m in Berlin with a minimal setup. I’ve left everything behind in London but I started to do live Q&A streams and post acapella videos for my Patreons.

Finally, if you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

“Have faith in the invisible.”