Danish newcomer Magnus Tempels have just made a brilliant comeback with the new single Let Go, which follows his stunning last year’s debut Show Me. Elegant, melancholy, ultra-captivating !

Thanks to Magnus
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud

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How were your first songs ?

So I started out as a classic singer songwriter just me and a guitar. I had a few years travelling around Europe, playing in the streets before I realised that my inspiration was running out. So I put the guitar away to focus on creating music through the computer. The first time I did this, I made the song ‘Show Me’, which became my debut single in spring 2019.

You released the song “Let Go” back in March, what were the reactions to it?

There has been so many great reactions to both the song and the music video. Both of them are bold, in the sense, that they try to make the music and footage grand even though it has been a process without any budget. But all the hard work paid off because of people’s response.

Can you tell us a little bit about the thoughts and inspiration behind that song?

The song is expressing the many ups and downs that comes with the idea of a twosome. Being in a relationship can be ever so giving but you can surely also lose yourself in it. The song tries to portray these ups and downs in the instrumentation as well as through the lyrics.

Where did you record it ?

My vocals were recorded in my apartment in Copenhagen. Otherwise “Let Go” was recorded in my friend Arto Louis Eriksen’s studio, who I also co-produced the song with.

We love the video too,  so can you tell us the story behind it?

So the storyline is created by the director Anthon Brouneus Bøttkjær. He created the storyline without knowing about my thoughts and intention with the song. So it is solely his own interpretation that is visually portrayed in the video. It became a post-apocalyptic dark story that I’m very happy with.

In a few months you realised 3 singles, can we expect more new music from you soon?!

At the moment I’m currently working on my debut album which does not have a final date for release yet. So I can’t tell you anything concrete but I hope it will be out before the end of 2020!

I’d like to talk about influences and the current music you’re listen it right now. Any musical heroes?

I grew up listening to a lot of “Nordic Folk” like Tina Dickow and Thomas Dybdahl who meant a lot to my musical upbringing. Since then my taste has developed a lot. At the moment I’m really enjoying a lot of instrumental electronic stuff like John Hopkins and Nils Frahm but my to biggest inspirations must be James Blake and Asgeir.

How is it writing / creating while being confined?

I find it really hard because I get a huge pay-off when playing concerts that drives me to create more music. Being inside all the time doesn’t really spark my creativity but I do get some songs finished.

How have you been keeping busy during these recent, quieter times?

I bought a playstation 4 which I never thought I would do but it is really nice to being able to play with friends online when you can’t meet them in real life. It actually helps a lot on my mood to play af few hours here and there.

For the past few weeks, artists have been using social networks to promote their music. Do you plan to do live sessions soon?

I will be filming an acoustic livesession of Let Go the 15th of May, so it will hopefully be out very soon!

What are you listening to right now ? What do you like ?

Besides John Hopkins and Nils Frahm I really enjoy listening to Norwegian Sassy 009 and the Danish band VETO.