Marie Flore is one of the French artists we love on TEEZ, on the occasion of her new single M’en veut pas, new release from her album Braquage, we asked her a few questions.

Marie Flore will be performing live at « la cigale » on septembre 28th.

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Interview : Thierry Jaussaud

New Single : M’en veux pas

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Could you tell us in a few words about your journey so far?

Well, it’s been a long one, I must say, haha. I started music when I was a kid… I played Viola for 8 years or so and then gave up as I was not really talented nor really interested ! Then, I think I really wanted to write my own songs when I turned 17 or 18 and since then I’m singing my stories !

What kind of music did you grow up with ?

I grew up mainly listenning to Garage music or music from the sixties. That was really my thing.

The first time you shared your music, where was that ?

Haha. It was on Myspace ! Back in 2008 I think… Some agent found me there and that’s how everything began. When I first posted music on myspace, I didn’t mean to make a living out of it, it was just for fun, but I think I somehow felt I had a special feeling when it came to songwriting, so I tried my luck !

We’ve been huge fans of yours here at TEEZ, from your Braquage promo debut. ‘M’en veux pas’ is your most recent release – so where did that track come from? What inspired you to write it?

Thank you ! Very kind of you. So « M’en veux pas » came out from a choice I had to make in my personnal life. It talks about falling deeply in love, but not being brave enough to experience it. It’s also some kind of statement. Like, you only fall in love deeply a few times in a life time, so you better use that chance, whatever it costs you.

We love the video too,  so can you tell us a bit about the story behind making it?

It’s a « Lyrics Video » a studio called « MAD » made, as we are lock down in paris ! So we couldnt film the real story. So MAD team thought about these vintage images, about a woman thats on the road. A never ending road. I think it provides strengh and also hope somehow. Being on the road, leaving we don’t know where nor what, but leaving still.

Can you tell us a bit about the making of « Braquage »? Where and how was it created, and what are some of your fondest memories of the process?

Avec plaisir. It took me like 2 years to write and record it. After a few drafts here and there, I found my final team with producers Antoine gaillet, Omoh, and PL. So I did write all of the songs, then I would pre produce, or try to, at my place,  then I would go to the studio to share with the guys, for them to arrange, produce, they could erase my ideas, or improve them, and that’s how we did for a year or so ! That was really the best time of my life. They’re very talented, they also really captured where i wanted to go. I can’t choose really among all the memories, I think even the worst days were good days. Because there was always something good coming out of our bad days.

I really like all the visuals of the promo for this album, who had the idea?

Thank you, I had the idea as soon as I wrote the song « Braquage ». I’m found of art direction and fashion more generally so. I had this conceptual idea and asked Alexandre Tabaste to photograph it.

I know that you’re supposed to love them all equally, but do you have any favorite track on « Braquage »?

Haha. Yes. That’s what we usually say. I’d say… Presqu’île.

Do you have particular reactions from certain fans to your songs ?

Really often, what comes the most is « Oh, wait, that’s my story too ». It makes me pretty sad though, because, I find out a lot of people had shitty love stories like I did haha.

Where are some of the best places for you to find inspiration?

Home. There’s no other place. Some friends of mine, musicians, need to go abroad to write, but they always end up write music they dont even like when it’s done abroad. I really have a theory about it. I think home is the place. I never write anywhere else. I can be inspired when travelling. But always coming back to my secret base to let the magic happen.

And who (or what) would you say are some of your biggest influences?

Nothing. I’m very shy.

How have you been keeping busy during these recent, quieter times?

Doing music, mostly, planning my summer.. and cooking, of course !

We know it’s been quite disrupted so far, but what do you hope the rest of 2020 will hold for you?

I hope it will bring all my hopes back and be the year I initially deserved !!! haha