A year after the release of her first EP and full concerts, Suzane one of the new french revelations is releasing her first album Toï Toï. We asked her a few questions about the release of her album and her upcoming concert at L’Olymplia.

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Interview : Thierry Jaussaud Translate : Renaud Velin
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Connect with Suzane

Why did you choose Suzane as stage name ?

It was a way of emancipating myself. I find it a great freedom to be able to choose your first name. This first name means a lot to me, my great grandmother wore it, she was a woman of character but also very sweet, she marked me in my childhood.

Suzane, with this Z that comes out of nowhere and this N that I voluntarily removed to lighten it and better appropriate it to myself!

The interest you arouse is obviously a source of satisfaction. Did it take a lot of work to get there ?

Before opening the curtain with my first videoclip « L’insatisfait », there was obviously a lot of work, failures but also small victories.

Music and dance came very early in my life, I moved away from them for a short time but it allowed me to understand that going on stage, writing songs, doing this job, it was no longer a dream but it had become vital.
So yes today I’m happy that the public recognizes themselves in my songs and brings them to life.

Have you gone through moments of doubt ?


I think the right balance for creating and moving forward is having as much self-confidence as there is doubt. Doubt is beneficial when it does not paralyze.
Personally, I know that I live many moments of doubt but over time I manage to tame them better and to give them a positive energy.
When I finish a song, I always wonder if I will be able to write the next one.

Succeeding so well, so quickly, does it put pressure ?

I may be not objective but it doesn’t seem to me that it’s going so fast …

In any case, I think I have time to enjoy the big picture that this life adventure offers me … it is not going TOO fast because once again, there has been a lot of work before!

Obviously the pressure is there, from the first word I wrote when I didn’t know that people were going to listen to these songs and this album.

When did you start writing and what gave rise to the importance you give to phrasing and words ?

I have always loved writing, I was very good in French but it took me a long time not to judge myself by every word that came out on my sheet.
I threw a lot of « little poems » before I wrote my songs.
When I started writing my album Toï Toï, it became very urgent, it woke me up at night, as if it had to coming out so I started.
Everything came very naturally, the words, my phrasing to support them, the music that is around.

I like to leave room for the text a bit like in the traditional French song that I listened to a lot !

The first time you shared your music, where was that ?

The first time was just with friends, at a chill to make them listen to the very beginnings of what would later be my first album!
It’s always frightening to make listen your own sound but I had received a lot of good vibes from them!

You work with Chad Boccara, how was the connection made ?

A friend told me about Chad! He presented him to me as a music lover who got into production !

Basically, I didn’t even know what a producer was, I wanted to meet him to talk about the arrangements of my little demos!

I sent him a message with a song, he didn’t respond right away, but a few weeks later, we met in a cafe. It was the start of a real beautiful story that we continue to write today.

On the album, you talk about subjects like harassment, homophobia, lesbianism, ecology, addiction to social networks. These are both strong, personal and symptomatic subjects of a new generation. Is your goal to make change certain mentalities ?

I think that before thinking of « changing mentalities » I first think of what this subject evokes in me. Often when I write on a societal subject, it is that I feel touched directly in my daily life. Whether it’s harassment, homophobia, global warming, these are the things that were burning inside me and that I had to express in song.

Then all the better if it echoes in other people.

Do you have a song that is most important to you on the album ?

I think that each title has its place on this first album but maybe SLT and P’tit gars have a special place in my heart !

You often mention Brel, Piaf, Barbara, Renaud in your influences. What else is on your playlist?

There is Brel, Barbara, Piaf followed of Orelsan, Diam’s, MC Solaar ! There’s also Daft Punk, Justice, BoysNoize.
I listen to a lot of things, I am quite curious about each kind of music even if I particularly like French song, rap and electronic music!

You will perform at the Olympia as a « star » on December 1, 2020. Is it a form of consecration ?

I still have trouble believing it!

Only few times ago, I was doing the first part of Feder, it was one of my very first concerts and then today I know that on December 1st there will be my name in red letters on the mythical facade of the Olympia and that I’m going to play on the same stage as all my idols before me. I know in advance that it will be one of the greatest moments of my life !

And finally, where did you put your trophy of the French ceremony ‘les Victoires de la Musique’ ?

The trophy is currently in my mother’s living room!
(I promised her)!

I had not seen it since but today the containment means that I can have a long discussion with it!