Slovakian electronic producer FVLCRVM is finally back and ready to continue his rise to the top of the pop game with the release of his latest track Meaning.

The futuristic landscape in which the song is drenched is enhanced by a mix of glitchy electronics and punchy beats that perfectly fit the song’s unconventional arrangement.

About the song, he explains : « I was asked by the unknown Japanese startup SHITEN to test their virtual reality media player 2 years ago among some other people. Being disconnected from reality to listen to music sounded like a neat idea so I thought it would be nice to make some songs and present it in a music video to help them spread the word. I had no idea they decided to sell an unapproved beta version of the device in a vending machine to gather more data. After the testing went wrong for all the participants including myself the company vanished and there’s no one to contact. Most of us experience random disconnections from reality even without the device on and this side-effect doesn’t seem to fade away. »