London band Fickle Friends have unveiled a new single off their second album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Cooking Vinyl Limited.

The result is a triumphant song called Pretty Great, about which Natti state : « ’Pretty Great came’ about after a long day of writing, starting ideas and not really loving anything we came up with. We called it quits around 9 and opened some wine and listened to a couple Sheryl Crow songs. Jack just kinda started jamming on the guitar and the words and melody literally fell out of my mouth. We wrote the song in like…an hour and didn’t know if it was a joke or actually the best thing ever…in the morning we decided it was the latter.

The video is just kinda a comment on today’s society. Always on our phones. Not really present. Two people are torn away from that and form a real connection and it’s beautiful”