Following up last year’s singles Milk it and Mona Lisa, Finnish producer RONY REX returns with a new ace single, Mile High. 

Backed by ’90s-drenched dance beats and throbbing synths, RONY REX’s new single is a bold pop statement ready to hit the dancefloor as it is. A really good tune that confirms the his status as one-to-watch for this current year.

“I’ve always been fascinated with pilots and why anyone would want to control a terrifying engine of doom for the rest of their lives. I’ve equally always had a love flying because it means I’m so far away from the people I hate, and I’m also a bit freaked out about anyone who would want to have sex in an airplane toilet. I’d love to marry a pilot one day because we wouldn’t have to hang out a lot and he’d have lots of money… »