Aprile is back at this early stage of 2020  with a new EP « Giving up Time » We asked him about this EP and his upcoming projects for this year.

Aprile will be live on April 29th 2020 at the 1999 Club in Paris.

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Interview : Thierry Jaussaud
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Tell us about your beginnings.

I have been singing since I was little. It was my mom, a teacher by profession, a bit of a singer and a spare time artist, who made me sing on various occasions. She taught me French variety songs. I was very involved and it was a pleasure to sing in front of people. My father is a theater actor and has certainly passed on to me the pleasure of the stage.
My big brother also initiated me and greatly influenced me, particularly in the discovery of artists and musical groups. He was always on the lookout for « best sounds. » He sings, plays the guitar and is a comedian too. He made me want to play and buy my own guitar, after having stung his own a lot : I was 12 years old. With my first guitar, a Fender Squier Strat, I immediately started writing and composing songs in French. I did a few concerts, played in bars, I tried to surround myself with the best I could, then I recorded my first EP in 2014. I released the single « Cheap Chick », reissued for radio and join the publishing house BMG France. I then signed a contract for an EP and the clip for Cheap Chick with Universal music Capitol, before I encountered some pitfalls …

How was your first songs ?

I wrote my own texts in French which I composed on guitar-vocals. Very quickly I wanted to sing in English under the influence of many English-speaking groups that I listened to. It was my sister and my father who were writing the texts to me in English at the time.
I think if I had continued in French, my music would not be the same today. But French has always been there somewhere. I just wrote a new song in French that I already added to my live set. It’s called « Plan B ». I would like to integrate it into my first Album which will hopefully be released in 2021.

How to qualify your style ?

Like many artists today, I think my music is hybrid, nourished by a lot of influences. I listen to soul, funk, electro, from the 70s to the present day … I like when it grooves and of course it must give me an emotion whether it be joyful or melancholic. That’s all I’m trying to transpose into my songs.

How did the composition of « Giving Up Time » go ?

I always compose at the start of a gimmick, improvising a melody on the guitar, on a keyboard or at the start of a bass line… I could tell you the anecdote of creation of each track of the EP but it risks to be very very long.

Where did you record it ?

I first recorded a demo in my teenage bedroom at the time. From the guitar-vocal choruses I had composed, I added bass, beats, synths… A few months later my publisher (BMG France) introduced me to Lionnel Buzac with whom we clicked immediately. After a few studio tests in Paris, we recorded the entire EP at his home in Marseille.


What was your inspirations for this EP ?

Everyday life, when you are in permanent creation, is a permanent source of inspiration : the sounds on the radio, old vinyl records, the sounds of the street, the sounds that are in my head … As soon as I I feel like I have found something cool I save it on my phone. It can be a vocal melody, a beat, a bass line … 3/4 of the time is where I start to create a track !
In terms of concrete influences, here is my playlist of recent years : Chet Faker, Toro Y Moi, Ben Khan, Jungle, Jamiroquai, …

What is your new single « Best of Me » about ?

« Best of Me » is a short-lived story, a game of seduction and ego between two people who declare themselves without complex that they do not have much to offer to each except to enjoy the present moment …

What are you listening to right now ? What do you like ?

As I am writing this, “Another Thing” of Homeshake is playing hard. Recently, I listened to Feng Suave’s EP, which I put in loop a few times, I really like it. The atmosphere, the sounds, the compositions, the voice, …
And I played a vinyl of Marvin Gaye at a house party not so long ago, the album Midnight Love, « Basic Shit ! « .

What advice could you give to a young artist who, like you, would like to start a solo career?

I’ve struggled a lot myself in the last past years so I don’t know if I can give advice.
But what I notice is that my project is progressing much faster since I took back the control of it, since I stopped depending on the goodwill of a DA and wait for the prod to decide advance the machine. It is not always a question of means, you have to move forward with what you have and go for it.

Your plans for the future ?

I will soon start producing my demos for the first album. I would like to release it in 2021. The months of March and April will be dedicated to that. In parallel, we will shoot the videoclip of the song « Giving Up Time ». We should release it before summer! It’s going to be intense to do everything because it will quickly be the festival season. Besides, very beautiful dates are looming, with one in France and may be more, we are really looking forward to being there with the team.

You will perform at the 1999 in Paris on April 29th. What are you preparing for this concert ?

The French give us a great welcome on the social medias/platforms so we are delighted to present the project in live. On Spotify people listen to me 3 times more than in Belgium. Ok it’s proportional to the countries but it’s nice! So, I hope that our Parisian friends will be curious enough to fill the room of the 1999. I will be surrounded by my two musicians, two killers! Bryan Acampo, bass player and longtime friend and Raph Stark, drummer and newcomer to the crew. We will of course present the tracks of the EP but also other exclusive tracks which will be present on the future album.

To end, what can you add to promote your new EP ?

Did I say I was Belgian? It is working well these days, no? Joking aside, I’ve already talked a lot so go listen and give me lots of feedback, it’s always a pleasure to chat with people who are sensitive to what I do. And then come dance and sing with us at the 1999.