Louie Blue is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter who has just released a brand-new single titled Down The Road.

This Finish kid is a natural talent and he shows it off every time. The new single is a pure gem, a heartfelt alt-soul ballad built around smooth keys and expanded synth lines, topped by Louie’s insane vocal delivery.

Down the Road is taken from his debut Notes EP, which is out now via Booa Music and Sony Finland.

In Louie’s own words, he explains, “Notes takes you to a journey of moods such as dancing, loving, thinking and missing something, up for the listener to decide. What I mean by that, is that the production, lyrics and rhythm can all be understood in many different ways. Even if it is an upbeat, rhythmic song, the production provides a deepness that can be felt as the emotion that feels right for you. The songs don’t follow any specific storyline or connection between them (except for the beat switch between ’’Hence, the introduction’’ and ‘Down The Road’’). The project includes all the released songs all the way from my debut single ‘Confused’, and were all recorded in Turku, Finland except ‘Petals’, which I recorded during my stay in Mexico.”