Seems Agnes can do no wrong. The swedish singer/songwriter is back in these days with her latest single Limelight and guess what? It’s another TEEZ’ favorite.

Produced by Agnes and Vargas & Lagola (Seinabo Sey, Avicii, Madonna…) with co-writing from Isak Alverus, Limelight reflects these aspects and highlights the outstanding voice of the Scandinavian artist, which reaches its peak in the song’s bold chorus.

Speaking about the track, Agnes stated:   “Can’t believe it’s happening. I’ve been on a journey that took me 4 years, 2 months and 29 days. Living life, making music, travelling, seeing new places and faces. Consciously pushing myself to do new things and the idea of who I am. Such a crazy journey. It’s been scary as hell and wonderful at the same time.”

Photo : Agnes