Antony & Cleopatra are the result of a pop writing session gone astray. The London based duo (featuring Australian Alexander Burnett alongside UK native Anita Blay) create soulful house, disco and tech, riddled with infectious pop hooks.

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Why Don’t You Just Call Me? is out now via your local stream provider.

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Interview : Thierry JAUSSAUD

Why « Antony & Cleopatra»?
It was originally a title for a song that we were writing. We remember the song being terrible but liked the title so when we were looking for names it jumped out as we’re from different ends of the world and yet have so many things in common.

What’s your respective role in the band?
We both sing however Anita (Cleo) usually sings a bit more whereas Alex does more of the machines, drums and synths.

What are your inspirations for your new single « Why Don’t You Just Call Me » ? When was it recorded?
We were working with a friend of ours in London called Dreamtrak and he played us a bunch of instrumentals and the embryo of this song was one of them. It sounded like Metallica or something as it was really dark and broody and Anita (Cleo) just sang some gibberish about a phonecall she was waiting for. We’ve both been in that place where there’s someone who isn’t really being honest about their feelings and the song just flowed from there.

What about next? A new EP? An album?
The response we’ve been getting from Why Don’t You Just Call Me has meant we have more eyes on us and that’s great. So it’s made us really want to level up what we do next. There’ll be a few more singles that will hopefully keep surprising people.

What about touring?
We are just about to embark on our first headline tour in Australia. Then we’d love to do some European dates. Of course, France would be lovely!

What five records couldn’t Antony & Cleopatra exist without?
Deep Cuts- The Knife
Arular – M.I.A
The Teaches of Peaches- Peaches
And Justice for All – Metallica
Blue Lines – Massive Attack

A song you listen to shamefully?
We listen to all sorts. We are pop tarts at heart. There’s no shame in what we love!

TEEZ’ is pop. How meaningful is pop to you, and is there a pop artist you wish you collaborated with?
Cleo: We both write for other artists too. So, as a writer I’d love to write something for Rihanna. I think every writer would but it still remains true.
As an artist, I’d love to work with The Knife when they were making records.
Antony: I’ve worked with loads of artists that I admire but I’d love to make some records with Calvin Harris. He’s a real chameleon yet also true to his self. I also love Justice and Daft Punk. All 5 in one room actually making music would be pretty interesting.

A word for your French fan base?
Nous venons pour vous!