Artist, Music Producer, and Songwriter, Harrison First primarily based in New York and Malmo Weden has cultivated a sound personal to him.
Starting out by building a sound for other artist Harisson decided to build a sound for himself and invite other artist to be apart of the experience.


Interview : Thierry JAUSSAUD

Hi! Could you briefly introduce yourself for us?

I’m Harrison First and I’m a modern day creative using music, art, and people to communicate my feelings. I started out as a music producer working with friends back in New York and then once I started traveling around Europe working in cities like Stockholm and Amsterdam I grew into a songwriter as well. In 2017 I decided to do more and thats when I took control of my work and started to become an artist that communicates my feelings working with artist I like.

I’d like to talk a little bit about influences and the current music you’re listen it right now. Any musical heroes?

I’m personally influenced by love, ambition, and greatness. Feelings are my influences and artist I admire that communicate feelings in a genuine way are people like Kanye West, Pharrell, ASAP Rocky, Saint Jhn, and Virgil Abloh. Im also influence by other medians of art such as fashion, movies, paintings, Styling of homes, architecture. It all feels the same to me and its trying to communicate the same thing in my eyes which are feelings. Currently I have been listening to rock music, Slipknot and August Burns Red. Although I don’t make that type of music, I like to listen to genres of music that I don’t hear on a regular basis to refresh my ears.

Can you tell us about your collab with the painter Anni Tuikka on your WILMA (Wished I Lived Miles Away) project? How did you come up with the idea of combining your music and its art?

This was an idea that I have wanted to do for a long time and is the highlight of 2019 for me so far. The idea was to take music and come out with a creative way to roll out an EP. So debuting an EP as an art exhibition having the painter Anna Tuikka do an original painting for each song is the first of its kind. No one has ever done this idea before and it was very special to have hundreds of people come to the opening event. The goal was to allow people to using imagery and music to describe the person WILMA was and is.

I sense some great will for you to collaborate with other artists. How did the last couple of collaborations come across (Chemical Ghost and Phlux) and do you have any plans for other « featurings »?

My collaborations with Chemical Ghost came from reaching out to them on Instagram. I like the music they make so I told them I want them on my EP. I also knew Phlux for a couple years via social media from the records I was producing for Teflon Sega. I would say most of the collaborations I do come from friends in music and me just being a fan of a particular artist so my A&R or I will just reach out.

A dream featuring?

No I don’t really have a dream feature but the ideal person for me to feature with is someone that nobody knows and then we make a song that has a huge impact.

You have been very productive for the last three years: One EP, 8 singles, An art/music exhibition, several collaborations and a new name, …. What’s missing in this list?

I’ve also written, produced and distributed ELIONA projects, I put out a single for FOL and also writing records for other artist. On top of that I have 2 more artist music exhibitions, one in Sweden and another one in Paris!

Can you give us a clue about what your next single is going to be?

So the next project is coming out June 14th with Angie. She is a very special artist from Stockholm. We are releasing a mini EP called Each Other.