Here we go again, another super catchy tune from Cub Sport the Brisbane based band have dropped a new indie electro tune called Limousine, a soulful synth-pop tune that carries some serious ’90s house vibes. It’s the kind of song that will put you in an instant good mood. It’s out of your hands, really.

Speaking on the track’s subject with Paper Mag, Tim Nelson said « I wrote ‘Limousine’ at a time when I was starting to open up about a bunch of things I’d never really said out loud before, a lot of which involved my sexuality — something I’d learned to feel ashamed of when I was growing up. This song was inspired by that feeling of being completely exposed while I’m still figuring myself out and working through things. It’s an ode to deepening developments in love, sex and spirituality and the way I feel like they’re all intertwined. The closing section of this song feels like some sort of other-worldly rebirthing or shedding of a former-self and right from the first demo of this song, I envisioned a video that captures the heightened energy and other-worldly vibe that this song holds for me. »