The Ghost of Helags: a shy ​Scandinavian​ ​electronica-pop duo,​ ​filtered​ ​through​ ​Berlin​ ​grit.

Their upcoming EP, which is out autumn 2018 will be recorded this summer in Antibes, France.


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Interview : Renaud VELIN

Preparing your interview, I read that a paranormal experience on the top of the Helags mountains (located on the border between Sweden and Norway) led you to start making music. Now I am intrigued and very impatient that you tell us that story !! And how did you meet first ?

It is something we keep close to our heart and prefer not to tell. We make the music that evolves out of this experience. We first met in Berlin, our city of choice.

Always in a stellar minimalist musical style, very delicate and graceful, you like to make us travel in a universe where our imagination is carried by a sweet melancholy conducive to daydreaming. In your previous singles (Wildest Dreams, Anthem-We came from the stars) and your first EP (Shibuya), you were more introspective, here with your new single « The world outside your window », you open the window, let in the light and lightness and look what’s going on outside. What is your world outside ? What do you see or want to see ?

The world outside changes every day. Every minute. Every second. The new single is a song that expresses this evolution of time. What we want to see is sometimes not what we see. But we are still witnesses. To both. The world outside our window. And the world inside of us.

Berlin where you were located, influenced your first EP. Recently, you developed a passion for the south of France, more precisely for Antibes on the French Riviera. You wrote and recorded « The world outside your window » there. Tell us how did you fall in love with the French Riviera and how it influences you ? What is so special for you as a source of inspirations there ?

France in general has become a great source of inspiration for us : the typical Rhodes sound, Sebastien Tellier, Air, Serge and his Gitanes, Charlotte Gainsbourg and her new album which depicts a certain kind of new, edgy French sound, the French vintage markets with very polite merchants, the sea breeze, working in a studio with the heat and a glass of vin rouge, the sounds of water splashing and the mornings there. I am a morning person and love to wake up and go for a walk, hearing the Cafés cleaning their coffee machines for the first guests. Especially the summer has a certain grace there. It is mundane yet romantic and wild. Depending on if you choose back country or sea side.

Your upcoming EP will be recorded this summer in Antibes and released next fall. Can you tell us more about it ? What is the desire on it ? Where are you going to take us ?

It is still undecided which major feeling the EP will have. It depends on this trip to France in the summer, what the air will bring us. The outcome will be our EP. Introversion, fragility, synthesizers are gonna be a big part. But also new sounds, new approaches to songs.

You define yourself as a quiet, introverted and shy band. You never speak on stage, you choose to communicate with the audience through dance and body language. Last year, you freshly did some concerts in Germany and Belgium. How this communication with your audience evolved through these concerts ? I bet it also makes you learn more about your physical expression and how to use your body language. Don’t you want to use it more on visual supports like you did with the video of the single « Under my skin » ?

Yes. My speaking voice is rather fragile and soft and I don’t like to talk much as it gets tired quickly. I would have to talk very loud in order for people to hear me. And that is just not me. We feel much more when talking through songs, dance and leave oral communication out of it. Somehow it is pure and honest. Yes, dance will play an even bigger role with the new live shows. The thrive to develop a unique communicative-expression through it is huge.

You have been already published on a lot of online publications which is nowadays important to present your artwork to the public. As an artist, are you willing to let open the window of digital and social medias on your world to express your work or it is something that you are still not comfortable with ?

We are not comfortable with it. Let’s be honest. But we still want our fans to see who we are, what defines us and how we do what we do. So, we will work on that…

You love to have a coffee on a terrasse. What can we find next to it ? A croissant maybe or a baguette ?

Just black coffee on a terrasse. It has a certain grace.