ELLEH is an upcoming Disco pop duo from Tokyo, who are made up of Satoru Teshima (founder of the Japan-based music blog Lights + Music) and Bob Wiley (part of the band Ice Cream Shout and behind the project Cloudy Busey, both of which have received attention from music publications such as Stadiums And Shrines and Altered Zones), who have been producing songs together since 2012. ELLEH solidified in 2016 around the concept of « sad boy disco, » a mental zone one would typically find themselves at 4 am.

« American Lover » showcases this aesthetic in all its tipsy glory. Teshima stumbles through memories, reflecting and trying to move on. Yet this plays out over synth notes and a beat that sways forward, prone to sudden turns but always grounded in a rhythm apt for the dance floor.