Catherine Pierce is known worldwide thanks to being part of the successful American indie pop duo The Pierces. The band after finishing its latest tour in 2015, agreed to take some time off after 15 years of constant touring and making the world of pop a better place with their songs. Keep calm, The Pierces is not over. It’s just a hiatus, they haven’t split.

Since then, Catherine has been writting and recording songs with Jason Lader (Frank Ocean, James Blake, Andre 3000) and Leggy Langdon (Banks, Mr. Little Jeans, Alex Vargas) and shaping her solo debut which will be released later this year. The first official single is the track “You Belong to Me“ and the song was premiered on Friday January 20th.

About the song, she told Noisey:
I wrote this song while i was micro-dosing with mushrooms. When you micro-dose it’s supposed to be imperceptible, kind of just lift your mood a little, but I’m really sensitive and I was having some visions. I went for a walk and it felt like the plants and moon were communicating with me. This song just came pouring into my head. It’s about that beautiful, scary feeling of loving someone so much that you want to possess them and just allowing that madness to consume you for a bit
“You Belong to Me” was released on digital retailers and streaming services on January 20th.