L.A electronic music duo Bad Wave, formed by Tucker Tota and Patrick Hart, has returned in grand style with brand new single called “Time To Get Lost“. A song about the feeling of dismay over the recent US election.

« Time To Get Lost » becomes the duo’s first proper release this year and it serves as the follow-up to the acclaimed smash « Night School », released last year.

The single will be released on 17th February 2017 via LA and Miami based label 10K Islands.

About the Song Tota Said : “Whenever I catch myself feeling feelings I try to stop and think about how to express them through music or writing, and there were A LOT of feelings about this election. This song is definitely an expression of anger at the outcome. Anger towards a broken system. Towards a person who is somehow expected to represent me. Obama said in his farewell address that “citizen” is the highest office in a democracy. This is a song about remembering who’s in charge.”