The FOOO consists of Felix Sandman, Oscar Enestad, Oscar ’Olly’ Molander and Omar Rudberg. After the success with their singles ‘My Girl’ and « Summer Love », they’ve now released their new single « Who Doesn’t Love Love » written by Omar Rudberg, Robert Habolin and Jerker Hansson, and produced by Andreas Roos.

New single ‘Who Doesn’t Love Love’ out October 28th!


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Interview : Renaud Velin

How would you describe « The FOOO Conspiracy » to the French listeners whom don’t know you yet ?
We are a group of four guys who loves to sing, dance and be creative. Our first gig was opening act for Bieber 2013, one year ago we had our own sold out show at the same arena called « The 5th Element ». At the moment we’re spending pretty much all of our time in the studio making music. / Olly

After a lot of covers from different artists (Usher, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran and Jeremih), you are now launching your single : « Who doesn’t love love » (Release date, October 28th). It is really a compelling and catchy track ! How came up the idea of that single ?
The song was written at a TEN writing camp earlier this year and is party written by our member Omar Rudberg. We often have camps in our studio where we invite other producers and songwriters and just create music for like a week, it’s really awesome! / Felix

You are already very popular on the social medias and you got an important community of fans who is following you. Is this song like a tribute, a love gift to them ?
Some of our songs actually are a tribute to them but this song is more about questioning how someone can say no to love, who doesn’t love love? It’s a sad love story but with a happy sound to it – creates the perfect combination to get that melancholy feeling. / Omar

Omar was one of the songwriters. Usually, how the group works ? I mean how do you organize your work all together ? Tell us also about your work relationship with Robert Habolin (Uncover, Zara Larsson) and Jerker Hansson (Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time’, Panic At The Disco) who have worked with you on « Who doesn’t Love Love ».
The work between us in the band is great, we know each other in and out by now so usually it just floats on. We don’t have like a form or rule on how to work, it’s different from time to time and project to project.
Robban and Jerker are crazy talented and very open minded. We had so much fun and they are very easy to work with, I would love to do more songs with them!! / Omar

Actually you will launch two versions of « Who Doesn’t Love Love » and two videos !! That is very intriguing and exciting, can you tell us a bit more ?
The song is the same but with two different productions, one is straight up pop and the other more like a remix. A song really can take on various costumes and convey different emotions. We hope that this song can speak to as many people as possible! / Olly

It was an intense year for The Fooo Conspiracy with a lot of stages, videos, TV shows, now the release of your new single and at last but not least, the nomination this year again for ‘Best Swedish Act’ at MTV EMAs, in Rotterdam next month! (congratulations for that nomination by the way) How do you feel guys about all this? Exhausted but thrilled, I guess?
Honestly we’re just thankful cause this is the only thing that we really wanna do. / Oscar

What makes you crack ? What makes you fall in love x love ?!
An attractive personality! / Felix
Pretty eyes and a beautiful smile. / Olly
When you suddenly feel complete. / Oscar
Confidence. / Omar