Bam Spacey is one of Sweden’s most promising and exciting new acts. Delicious Swedish synthpop made by three guys from Malmö. They are back with a new song called Eden.

About the song, Johannson says to thelineofbestfit : « Eden the song is like Eden the album condensed into 9 minutes. We needed a track to make the album complete, and what started out as a 2-minute long instrumental, kind of evolved into this. Couldn’t really tell you how that happened. Our songs usually start out really modest, with a chord, a sound, a lyric, and just grow organically. The overall feeling that drives is though, is the genuine feeling of loss, of emptiness. When you realize something’s gone and it might never come back. The whole album revolves around this feeling. We never like to all out describe the nature of the songs, they’re almost too personal, and finding your own meaning in them is so much more rewarding. But however the listener interprets the song, it’s always going to convey sadness to us. »