C O M E T EP, first release of the Milan-based musician and singer L I M (formerly Iori’s Eyes) in collaboration with the producer RIVA. It was released on digital retailers on April 8th 2016 via La Tempesta International.

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Interview Juanan Jones

Hello Sofia. First of all, thank you for the opportunity to do this interview. How you doing?
Thank you, you’re welcome, fine by the way, I’m on my train from Rome to Milan and there’s a couple babies crying in the seats behind.

What’s the meaning of LIM? And why are you choose it as your artistic name?
LIM has different meanings, but I didn’t pick it up because of its significance. I liked the fact that it was very clean sounding and minimal, linear. The project formerly was called I but everyone was against that name and I wasn’t even so sure about it. So I chose LIM, Less Is More, because I think it really does represents me aesthetically.

After all that time in Iori’s Eyes, how does it feel working on your own?
I’m a very shy person, so putting myself first and being overexposed it’s an interesting new challenge to me, that I’m very happy to take. Moreover it’s very intense because i have to rely on myself and on my skills only: improve them and learn new things, I think it’s a really constructive and interesting experience.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen the whole EP, and congratulations, is really really good. How do you feel about it? Are you feeling confident, proud of it, or instead are you afraid of the response?
I am really proud of it, I didn’t conceived this project for it to be successful, it was more a risk I took to do something the way I liked it, no matter what. It’s my music, my vision and I’m really proud of it. Of course I am very happy if something that was born for one person, gets a a larger universal meaning, and become something I can share with many other people who can appreciate it and love it.

How would you describe C O M E T?
C O M E T is a liquid and emotional vortex you get sucked in. It thrust you out like you’re in a water slide, but then it is all over and you feel peaceful and redeemed. Most of the tracks were conceived in Edinburgh, after I ended a relationship and I took a full ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Then I came back in Milan, where I met RIVA who curated the production of the project and a lot of things changed and so it started to take its actual shape through a long period of edits and research. Then I started collaborating with Anna Magni who takes care of the graphic and visual communication, and with Giorgio Calace, Tora Cellini and Karol Sudolski, the directors of “C O M E T”’s video.

So far we’ve heard you sing very little. But in this work you’ve gone for it and sounds beautiful. Why has taken so long?
I don’t actually sing very little, all the tracks have very present vocals, but we can say that my singing is very short and in a sort of way composed of short loops repeated. I liked this sort of Haiku form and its essentialism and minimalism perfectly fits the project’s “editorial lines”.
Furthermore, the vocals are composed by many elements and layers, I think that on average the vocals of each song are composed by 7-8 different tracks of backing vocals, layers and effects.

Let’s talk about the amazing video. Who’s responsible of it and how much have you been involved in the process?
Giorgio Calace, Tora Cellini and Karol Sudolski, as i mentioned before, directed the video. They showed me their idea 2 years ago, even before the song was actually produced or developed, and from the beginning i knew that was going to be the video for C O M E T. It was the perfect representation fo how I was feeling and of what the track was intended to communicate. Then, because of human dynamics, the production for the video stopped and slowed really down, so my part was effectively to keep everybody merged together and to bring this beautiful video to everybody.

On a personal basis, I’m very curious about what kind of music you’ve grown up. Which artist did you like when you were a child or a teenager? Even those whom you ashamed, if there are. And if you feel their influence in your music now.
My parents listened to a lot of music, from Quincy Jones to Led Zeppelin, my mum is also a big fan of Joan Baez. Then I listened to many different and very random music in my youth, from MYLO to The Snap, and many other mainstreams act, that surely came to influence me in a little and subtle way.

Last question. You have already some dates in Italy for the next months, but are we gonna be able to see you in live in Europe this summer?
Not yet! I hope so.