Brazilian DJ/producer Cesare, recently signed to Kitsuné, is a relative newcomer on the indie, dance scene. While no one seems to know much about this mysterious Latin, his summery remixes surely have generated wide interest. Coming on November 13th is his new mix “Want You” featuring River.

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New EP Coming on November 13th

Thanks to Cesare
Thanks to Lucius Y. / Kistuné
Interview Patricia Tavares De Oliveira

Ola Cesare, tudo bom?
Tudo Tranquilo

What brought you to Kitsuné?
I have followed Kitsune artists and fashion for many years. They are the most stylish and sexual company that exists, so of course it was a perfect match. I remixed ‘Lighten Up’ by Citizens! and ‘Fire May Save You’ by Frances. After this I was asked to create a remix EP featuring Kitsune artists. It was a huge honour.

How would you describe your sound?
I enjoy creating disco music with emotion. EDM has become cynical. Production is too clean. Disco music should be imperfect. I always begin my writing with ambient background noises, beaches, jungles, cities. I build a track around those sounds.

Who do you admire?
I have strong feelings for Sebastien Tellier. He is the ultimate artist. Luckily I was able to remix a track for him earlier this year.

Favorite song of the moment?
I’m not good at keeping up with new music. Classixx put this track up recently https://soundcloud.com/classixx/wiw-16tp and it’s really good. I also like the pan pipes in Justin Bieber’s new song.

Tell us about “Want You” featuring River? How did this collab come about?
I remixed ‘Savanna’ for Tobtok featuring her vocals. I loved her style and the way she sounds, she is original. We exchanged ideas over Soundcloud and the rest is history. I really hope we can work together more in the future.

What’s your relationship to music?
It’s a hard relationship. It can be a frustrating beast. Sometimes you just want to take a fishing rod to the beach and sit alone in silence. But ultimately I always come back to music, because it’s my life.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to own my own cocktail bar in 5 years time. If I’m still in a position where I can create any kind of music I like, I am happy.

Something you’d like to ask us?
Please buy my music? I am poor.