Paradisko is a disco/house duo hailing from Istanbul consisting of Sound Engineer/DJ/Producer Thousand Fingers (a.k.a Hakan Özkan) and DJ/Film Maker Hemi.

Admirer of Scandinavian Disco, Garage, House, Palms Trees and Pizza, Paradisko blends disco bass lines with house rhytms.

Paradisko’s new tune Night Rider will be featured in Ibiza Sleaze 2015 which compiled and mixed by the Sleazy boss Rob Made.

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So, who are Paradisko ?
A disco house duo consists of Pineapple Pop (Hemi) & Thousand Fingers (Hakan Özkan) https://soundcloud.com/paradiskomusik

Since our first debut release Chewing Gun, published by On The Fruit Music (a French Label) at April 2014, we come along with features and promotions. Our first EP Chewing Gun remixed by Xinobi, Mighty Mouse and its video also featured in THUMP.

On the other hand we remixed Shindu (Kitsune, Silhoutte), Justin Faust (Discotexas) and Irregular Disco Workers. Our tunes also featured in respected blogs, namely Earmilk, La Gas Ta, Harder Blogger Faster, THUMP and etc. Moreover, Paradisko took place on Data Transmission and Nu Disco Your Disco’s podcast series.

Besides, It is pleasing to mention that we shared the same stage with Jackmaster, Hercules & the Love Affair, Satin Jackets, Yelle, Xinobi, Moullinex, Shit Robot, Pional, Justin Faust, Mighty Mouse, Zimmer, Finnebassen, Nora En Pure, Bufi and many more

How do you often produce your tracks, together in the studio or in some other way?
Within 1.5 years period we produced 7 tracks (4 out already incl. Night Rider) and 5 remixes. Most of them finished in the 1st year, in other words it is possible to say that we produced fresh tunes almost in every 2 months

We have only heard two songs by you so far « Chewing Gun and Night Rider « . But we can already hear your quality in your music. What kind of music do you get your inspiration from?

Actually, our taste in music quite vibrant and we are mostly fascinated in different styles, while Hemi is flying above the disco and indie tunes, Hakan is more in to techy and house-ish stuff.

Do you have any new tracks or projects in the pipeline?
As Paradisko, our new EP, Fool, on the way with remixes from Martin Roth and Final DJS. In addition, we are waiting for hour new single to be released from Sleazy Deep. With our solo projects, Thousand Fingers (Hakan) will put out an EP called Down Deeper which is more G-Tech influenced and Pineapple Pop (Hemi) will release the garage house smelling debut EP, RVLTN on September and 2nd EP is on the way also.

If an artist or band phoned you up and asked you to do a remix for their next release, who would you wanted that to be?
Moderat, George Fitzgerald, Kraak & Smaak would be ones that can drive us crazy. Actually, we got a call from one : ) wait for it.

What do you listen to at home? Is it synth house 24/7 or do you listen to emo-core at home to balance your diet?
Well, for taste, we listen many stuff from rock to chill-wave. Some are electronic, some not and they are variable for each individual.

If Paradisko existed in any of the the three previous decades, which one do you think would suit best your mood and inspiration ?
Well, we all fine after 70s till today.

Three reasons to love your new single Night Rider ?
We think one is enough to say, it is Provocative !