Run Reilly Kölsch is a half-Irish, half-German electronic music producer living in Denmark. 2015 saw the release of “Speicher 84” a two-tracker that has ravished fans of this much-acclaimed mastermind. He’s touring Europe this summer to promote this instant classic that contains spirit and grandeur in overabundance

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Patricia Tavares De Oliveira

Hi Kölsch, thank you for granting us this interview. You’ll be on tour very soon, how do you feel?
I am already on tour. Been touring all year long. I feel gray about it though. I love the fact that I get to play my music to people all over the world

If could describe your musical style in a few words, what would those be?
Romantic Techno

You’re half-Irish, half-German, and you live in Denmark, what’s that like? Does this mosaic of cultures have a meaningful impact on your sound?

I think so. The Cultural ballast I carry with me everywhere, has a huge impact on the way I make music. My dad was a guitarist, and I often feel that his melodies have transferred to me.

How did the collaboration with German label Kompakt come about?
Michael Mayer wrote me an Email, and asked me if I wanted to make a 12” for Kompakt, so I said yes. The rest is history.

Is there a new album in the works?
My new album 1983 is out on June 8th, so its done already.

How do you go about remixing a song? Your version of Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars appears to be more of a revisiting than a remix.
I only accept remixes, if I feel that I can add something to the original. In the case of Coldplay, I wanted to make a remix that fitted more to the rest of their album’s sound. I wanted it to be a haunting tribute to a lost love, instead of an homage to a woman.

Where would you say is the hub of electronic scene today, and is there actually one or has it gone borderless?
The hub would be on the Internet I guess. It’s really beautiful how music travels these days.

If you could reflect on your lengthy career, what would your thoughts be?
It’s been a long run, but I feel as if it’s all been a test phase for what I’m doing now. It’s as if the first 15 years were a period of sketching, and finding my sound.

Any chance you’ll make it to France this summer? We’d love to see you.
I playing a few festivals in France over the summer, so I’ll definitely go.