Miami Horror are an Australian indietronica band from Melbourne. All Possible Futures is the new studio album. It was released on digital retailers on 21 April 2015 via Remote Control. TEEZ’ asked them to give you a little taste of what songs they enjoy right now. Wednesday at 6pm.

GL – Wont you See

Great 80s funk from a new Melbourne band, the kind of music you generally don’t hear perfected in Austraila.

Roland Tings – Devotion
Really nice build and ascending movement. New guy from Melbourne who is doing well at the moment.

Total Giovanni – Human animal
One of my favourite tracks of last year. Awesome Talking Heads esq production and really interesting groove.

Queen & David Bowie – Cool Cat
A fairly unknown classic.

Dinner – Going out
Some interesting 80 post punk vibes from this fairly unknown guy.
One of my favourite tracks at the moment.

New Order – Ceremony
I have a deep connection with a song that can keep you engaged with only two euphoric chords.

The Cranberries – Dreams
This one is definitely embarrassing but there is something deeply nostalgic about it.

Chemical Brothers – Golden Path
A long time favourite, I’ve always loved how the Chemical brothers build loops with textures and new hooks. Its different to the traditional songwriting.