Luke Black is a Serbian singer-songwriter based in Belgrade. Following its success in Serbia, “D-Generation” was re-released worldwide on 24th of February.

TEEZ’ had ask him to give you a little taste of what songs he enjoys right now. Listen to his playlist Sunday 19th April at 6pm.

A new single will be released next mouth, a second taste for the awaiting album scheduled to be released later this year.

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Hi Luka, thanks a lot for your time. How are you and what are you currently up to?
Hello! I think this is the first time someone has asked me how I was so thank you, and I have to say I’m very tired, but in a good way. I’ve been working constantly for the past couple of months, but these couple of days I allowed myself some creative free time to meditate and rearrange my thoughts and ideas. I’m in the studio most of the time perfecting new music and it makes me very happy.

Were You always interested in music or was there ever anything else you wanted to be?
Ever since I can remember, which is when I was 2, I have been performing music in some way, beginning with imitation through writing songs, melodies and finally producing music. I always saw myself in some artistic business , I was interested in filming and directing movies and acting for a while, but I remained faithful to music, I guess. I cannot see myself doing anything else and I would be very depressed and empty if I wasn’t making music. I cannot imagine myself in an office, I am not talented for that kind of business.

Are you from a musician family ?
My father was a DJ for most part of his teenage and adolescent life, he used to put me to sleep after his gigs with 70s and 80s music when I was a baby and nothing else but that music seemed to have worked. My grandmother is very creative and talented, but none of them have pursued careers in any creative field. It was because of that and my very unambitious and hostile environment that I had hard time having their support and approval. I’m glad I never gave up.

Congrats on the first Single … we love it. What was the inspiration for « D-Generation”?
Thank you! It’s been very exciting to see many positive reactions! I was inspired by my arrival to the capital, Belgrade, and the people I met. We were all very flamboyant but very insecure at the same time. The whole spread of social networks made us very shallow and judgemental. We are alienated from any real contact or maybe even emotions. And it made me very sad, since we were so great and honest as children. I guess I recognised our generation’s cry for attention, love and acceptance, but we search for it in a wrong way.

Who are some influences to Luke Black’s style of music, any certain artists?
I try to refrain from music in order not to get inspired, but it is unavoidable. I listen to a lot of pop, jazz and EDM music. I also enjoy experimentalism when it comes to sound and voice. I was inspired by music in Disney movies, John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol. The band CocoRosie is responsible for the way I sometimes shape my voice while singing. But I don’t think about influences that much, I try to let go when it comes to the creative process.

If you could collab with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?
Definitely John Lennon, I would love to create a piano song with him. I’d love to work with Stromae, Thomas Azier, Kate Boy and Madeon. Those are very young and aspiring artists and I love their talent and energy.

Have you got any other good songs?
I hope I do! I have made 7 albums in my bedroom that might never see the light of the day, but all of those songs are very dear to me and I love listening to them and noticing how I have grown. I am currently working on new music and when I create I try to make something I like listening to, so if other people like it, then it means I struck the right chord.

Who are You Loving in the Charts at the moment?
Have to admit I don’t follow the charts at all. I have been listening to some of Madonna’s new songs, she has to be on the charts, right? I guess Years & Years are on the charts as well. Those guys never fail to submit a great song.

What were the last two albums your bought?
Thomas Azier – Hylas & Angus and Julia Stone – Down The Way (I know it’s not the newest album, but I have never had the chance to buy it until recently)

What was the last single you bought?
I have never bought a single, most of the time I stream the music I want to listen to.

What can we find in your pocket/bag right now ?
My ‘Pugs Not Drugs’ notebook where I write down most of my ideas and a small bottle of rum I bought because I was cold and it has a strange effect on keeping me warm. Of course my phone as well, because I tend to get inspired at the weirdest places so I have to record the inspiration somehow.

To finish, a song that may be on your mind right now.
Recently released as a single, the very on point song by Stromae called Carmen.