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Great Good Fine Ok are an electronic act from Brooklyn. Following the release of the tracks: “You’re the One for Me” and “Not Going Home“, the duo has popped a new song « Carried Away » to promote their second EP.

“2M2H“ is available now via Sony Music.

Thanks to Great Good Fine Ok

Thierry Jaussaud

Tell us a little background on Great Good Fine Ok and how the band came to be?
Luke and I met and became friends about 3 years ago when he was living around the corner from me in BK with my close friend and piano player. About a year ago and a half ago we ran into each other on the street after not seeing each other for months and decided to write a song together. That night “You’re the One for Me” was created. We put a band together and started writing more songs and GGFO was born.

How would you describe your sound?

You just made a deal with Epic / Sony Music, how did you get in touch?
About a year ago we had a few different directions we could go in for labels, but we decided to go with who we thought was the most passionate. We really loved the people there, and it felt right, so we made the move.

You have “Too Much To Handle” (your new single) and “By My Side” and “You’re The One For Me”. Did you guys get to a point when you were like, “Alright these feel like album tracks, let’s just make an album?
We are constantly writing songs that we are really proud of, so the challenge is figuring out the best way to release everything. First, we decided that it made sense to put out the Body Diamond EP with the first 4 songs that we wrote. Now, we still have a lot of great songs that we want to share, but we aren’t quite ready to release a full length, so we decided to release another EP. We have no shortage of songs, so an LP is definitely in the future.

Who would you say your influences are? Not only music wise, because the music is the reflection of experiences and feelings?
Our music is absolutely inspired and influences by everything and every experience in life. We are huge music fans as well, so everyone from MJ to Prince to Boys II Men to Steely Dan to James Taylor influence our songwriting.

Mixtapes seem to be in vogue at the moment, have you thought about dropping one before your single release?
We’ve made a few Spotify playlists of our favorite songs within the last few months. We definitely think it’s cool to share music and different artists who are doing amazing things.

We would also love to know who you commission for your audio artwork? The designs are fantastic!
Thank you! We love art so we take it seriously. An amazing British artist named Jack Hardwicke did the Body Diamond art and another fantastic British artist named Thom Easton did all of the art for our new EP 2M2H. We’ve been lucky to find artist who really capture our music visually.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and what would it sound like?
We’ve been asked this question a lot, and it’s tough since we are huge fans of so many artists, but Prince would be high on the list. I think it would sound like GGFO…only with Prince! Or, if we’re lucky, more like Prince with just a touch of GGFO.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
It’s always a challenge to sit back and « smell the roses. » It’s so important to appreciate the journey, but It’s hard not to always look ahead to what’s next. Also, figuring out how to pay for everything!