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Sameblod is one of Sweden’s most promising and exciting new acts. Delicious Swedish synthpop made by two guys from Gothenburg by way of San Francisco, USA and the cold northern regions of Sweden.


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Thierry Jaussaud

First up, we’d like to know more about the band. How did the band form?
It was basically through school and beer that brought us together. We started hanging out as friends, and realized we had the same taste in music. Also realized that both of us were equally passionate about creating music.

How would you describe the Sameblod sound to someone who’s listening to your music for the first time?
Euphoric probably? Some kind of emotions.

Do you find time management is difficult, as a band beginning their career?
We usually have a mojito on mondays and just go from there. We love what we do, or else we wouldnt put in as much time as we do. But yeah, it gets hectic sometimes with everything.

When did your interest in music develop?
We´ve always been interested in music. I would say when I (Mike) started playing the drums at the age of seven.

Who are some of the artists which have inspired your sound?
Arca, Fka Twigs, Yelle and iamamiwhoami.

Can you compare your music to anything?
Imagine somewhere in the deep woods with dancing and naked people in it. Thats what we´re going for.

You’re releasing a new single ‘Flourish’. Is a there a full length album in the works?
There is a full length album coming, yes! We wont reveal anything more than that, though. It´s by far the best we´ve made so far.

TEEZ’FM is pop. How meaningful is pop to you, and is there a pop artist you wish you collaborated with?
Pop is fun. It means a lot some days, and less some other days. It really all depends on the mood you´re in. We would love to collaborate with Tove Styrke and get drunk in the studio with her.

What else do you guys have cooked up for 2015?
We have a whole lotta things cooking. I hope we can go to the US for some gigs, and also a tour hopefully in europe later on. It´ll be funk.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
We wish everyone the best and a wicked 2015. Keep your eyes open for us, and live life as you want it to be. Cheerios.