Danglo is a South London producer whose profile has built up over the last year in the UK scene with remixes for the likes of Farrow, Alpines, Maribou State and Say Lou Lou, picking up good club and radio support from Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss, Capital Xtra, and XFM along the way.

After his first EP released on Kitsuné in July 2014, the young producer returns with three heady original tracks, including « Swept Away » and « Catch My Eye », both of which feature the magnificent voice of Ivan Franco. Still staying true to his UK Bass style, the tracks showcase Danglo’s influences from 90s garage to house and indie.

New EP Swept Away is out now : https://itun.es/i6Bv4Y6 #iTunes

Thanks to Danglo

Thierry Jaussaud

Hi! Could you briefly introduce yourself for us?
Bonjour, pleased to meet you, my name is Danglo and I make house influenced electronic riddims.

What’s your musical background?
I started life with an upbringing of Neil Young, Elvis and The Doors, but when I heard Praise You by Fatboy Slim and Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo I got into dance music. I then listened to a lot of my sisters boyfriends Garage mixes on cassette. I then became a teenager and got into Nirvana and Queens of the Stone age and Radiohead, whilst maintaining a love for Trip Hop like DJ Shadow and Fingathing and Ratatat and RJD2. I rediscovered my love for house music through Sasha and Trentemoller and Booka Shade… and then the Post-Dubstep/Future Garage thing happened and then we’re kinda where we are now with the rise and inevitable decline of “Deep House”

Who do you admire? Why? and Who would be your dream collaboration?
Recently I started listening back to some old deadmau5 and was really impressed with the sonic quality of the synthesis and almost Steve Reichesque arpeggio patterns. I would love to collaborate with D’Angelo, Django Reihardt, Django Django and Diplo on a track.

How do you prepare to play live? Are you rigorous in your planning?
Well there’s the Live show and there’s DJing:
With DJing I like to improvise more so I never know what will happen next, I just need to know what the first track will be! Although, I have started some really anal ‘smart playlists’ in iTunes that I run through rekordbox. Is it a warm up tune? Is it a Banger? Is it a banger that is worthy of three exclamation marks?!!! What Key is it in? etc. etc.

With the Live show there’s loads of time spend re-learning how to play my own tunes, rehearsing with Ivan and bouncing samples/stems/drum sounds. That’s pretty time intensive, but I like to try and add little flourishes that aren’t in the original so it’s not just the same as the record, and sometimes I’ll discover something new that should have gone into the record and think ‘bugger, that should have been in the record’

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
Me and my manager were at a Say Lou Lou and Years & Years gig and started talking about how Kitsuné might be a good fit for my sound. We were on the Eurostar within a fortnight.

With a lot of commercial “House” flooding the radio airways in Europe in recent years, do you see your music providing a more tasteful alternative as a crossover between Pop and Dance music for the masses?
I wouldn’t know really, I’m just doing what I’m doing. I’ve started to give less of a shit about what is ‘cheesy’ or what is ‘pop’ now. I’ve transitioned from a die hard Radiohead and Aphex Twin fan into a die hard Kool & the Gang and Tavares fan.

What records are you looking forward to being released this year?
I’m really looking forward to listening to the Maribou State’s album when it comes out. I had a sneaky listen to some demo’s a while back and it sounded really ruddy gorgeous.

What is your creative process in the studio like?
I tend to just start playing with sounds and throw them in a project, it all gets a bit messy. I have to be in a good mood and turn my phone on silent. I’ve just started drinking more coffee, which helps me think less and just get on with it.

When do you know something is finished?
When I’m two weeks over the premaster deadline.

What have you got planned for the summer? Any festivals you can tell us about?
Kitsune are gunna send me all around the planet 😉