When Fiorious and his Italian house heavyweight par-tner-in-crime started writing songs for this new album, they decided to revisit their favorite collaboration and create a new track from scratch almost as a statement of purpose, seeking to reimagine “Danceteria” in a more soulful, primal way that recalls late ‘80s Golden Age house, but without forsaking its modern and unapologetic dance-pop sensi-bility.

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Thierry Jaussaud

What have you been up to?
Always working! It took a bit longer than I had planned to release this second album, but I really love it, so I can’t wait to finally get it off my chest. Right now, I’m releasing the Danceteria EP on February 16 and getting ready to shoot the next video in March in Milan. Then more remixes, album release, and live performances for the Spring and Summer. Also going to record some new songs in April in Madrid with my main collaborator Scuola Furano, and I hope to release them later this year, maybe as an EP. So yes, lots of music coming this year. I’m feeling excited and very inspired.

When did you first realise you wanted to make music?
I started writing songs at a very young age, like at 10 years old, very very bad pop songs, but it’s always been something I loved to do.

If you could go back to that day, what piece of advice would you give yourself?
The same thing I remind myself today: take it seriously, hone your craft, work hard, listen and study everything, but don’t overthink it and get stuck in your head. Let the ideas out and then refine them.

The first record was very well received. How did that make you feel?
Amazing. I had no idea who or how many people would respond to it, but I just trusted my instincts and focused on making music that I wanted to listen to. That’s always my guide. Connecting with so many cool fans has been a real unexpected thrill.

What are the main differences between your new album and songs you’ve previously released?
The new album is more house-influenced, a good amount of 80s disco-funk in there, but also some acid and deep house and R&B. Again, it’s a mix of things I was listening to and wanted to hear mixed together and I think I captured it. The album is very uptempo with some melancholic moments in there, while the songs I’m working on now are slower, darker, and with more grit and soul.

Do you limit yourself to what you will and will not write about in your music?
Not at all. I think self-censoring is unproductive as the best work comes from allowing yourself to be exposed. Though I appreciate different approaches, being direct and also being opaque and ambiguous. As long as it feels authentic, and together with the music, captures a feeling, that’s what I strive for.

When you try new sounds, do you get get nervous about the reaction?
Thankfully, no. I only have the pressure and expectations I put on myself. Plus, I like too many different sounds to just release the same type of songs over and over again.

What are you like in the studio?
I’m pretty meticulous, very focused, extremely critical, but I love to have fun. Not a diva just yet, though I am very hard on myself.

If you had to cite your biggest three influences, what would they be?
Stevie Wonder, just a pure musical genius and endless inspiration to me. David Bowie, another genius, amazing songs and still so fucking cool. Donny Hathaway, my favorite voice ever. Madonna, for the full audio-visual assault, the intelligence and provocation and that little something extra that she gives in every detail. Prince, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, I can go on and on.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?
Very hard to say. I think me and Robyn could do some cool shit together, she’s also someone who puts a lot of time and thought into her musical and visual work. Frank Ocean is another one.

You’re not signed to a major label. How do you find the time to do anything?
You make the time. If you want it, you find the time to make it happen. I love to be busy doing things that make me happy, but it also helps to be a Virgo, organized and constantly making to-do lists, and generally being a crazy perfectionist.