For celebrate our 5th Birthday, Citizens! makes their own playlist for TEEZ’.

Thet will be DJ-ing at Kitsuné’s French Kiss Party. Take your tickets here :

Their Playlist :

Nimmo and The Gauntletts – Others (Joe Goddard Club Mix)
We played Village Underground with these guys a few months back and they impressed us loads. This Joe Goddard mix of their tune Others gets the head and the heart. I hope they have a big 2015

Years and Years – King
Another great band we’ve shared stages with. Olly has an incredible voice and everything they touch at the moment turns to gold. King is nearly as good as Queen the band, and that’s saying something.

HoneyBlood – No Spare Key
Noisey and Sexy and Scottish. Like our drummer Mike, but you know, a band. Brilliant.

Chance The Rapper – Favourite Song (Feat Childish Gambino)
I know he’s been slowly blowing up over the last 12 months or so but you have to love this guy. Really inventive and colourful but with some heavy stuff backing him up. Mr Thom Rhoades turned me onto him early last year and we’ve been fans ever since.

Spring King – Demons
The brainchild of criminal mastermind and all round good guy Tarek Musa. Demons is fast, noisy and loud, like our drummer mike etc etc. We like a bit of garage rock in the tour van.

Raury – Cigarette Song
Lots of hype on this, but tunes like this might it worthwhile. Also he seems like a cool crazy guy and the world needs more people like that always.

Kwabs – Wrong Or Right
Me and Mike were loving this whole E.P when we heard it in the middle of last year. I hope he gets a chance to deliver on his promise. A lot of people should be listening to this guy. Ice cool.

Wolf Alice – Blush
Trying to pick the “big thing” for a year is tiresome, what you want to do is just enjoy all the amazing new music. Ellie Rowsell’s voice is one to fall in love with and to fall in love to. I’m looking forward to catching these guys live this year.

Novelist – Lewisham McDeez
Old school grime, but fresh too. Great story behind it too. Old school grime battles on the mic need to come back

Paul McCartney – Only one
This Kanye hook up is taking Macca back to the top, but to be honest anyone who doubted he should be there is a fool. Macca for president.

Photo : Alice Moitié