Death Team consists of Mayka Edd and Johen Rafael Tilli. They make nice music and are very unique.

Thanks to Mayka and Johen Death Team

Thierry Jaussaud

How did you guys meet and get Death Team together?
We actually met in the Spotify HQ in Stockholm when we were playing with our different projects. We started making music together and Death Team was born. It took about six months before we really found an interesting direction.

Describe each other’s personality in a sentence…
Johen: ultra creative, life loving and pragmatic.
Mayka: ultra creative, life loving and spiritual.

What makes your duet work?
Sharing the same goals for the band and that we both are super picky and creative control freaks on exactly everything. And of course a lunch restaurant near our studio called Indian King. They always makes us feel special when we go for lunch and in the future we will release an EP named after their owner Sanket Gaikward. He is such a motherfucker we love him.

Tell me about your song « Fucking Bitches In The Hood ». How did that come about?
Mayka hade this crazy idea to make the most stereotypical hiphop song ever. At the same time Johen had this post modern idea to make a 50s song with the unexpected twist of using white noize as a lead instrument. Combining these two amazing ideas resulted in « fucking bitches in the hood ».

Who is your other favourite duo, musical or otherwise?

As a matter of fact, what are you listening to at the moment?
Mayka is listening to some next level trap and Johen is listening to Katy Perry and Grimes.

Did you ever have any day jobs?
Yeah Mayka worked in a yoga studio and Johen was hosting the course « Philosophy of Life » at Uppsala University before the pop star days.

Number one interest outside of music…
Boys, beer and political leadership.

To conclude with, where are you answering our interview questions from?
We are currently flying over the atlantic on our way to Canada to shoot our first music video. Johen has never flown this far and the flight crew has given him some stuff to calm down.