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When Childhood was formed back in 2012, the band had no songs and, according to frontman Ben Romans-Hopcraft, had never even played a single note. Having met fellow founder & guitarist Leo Dobsen at Nottingham University, the band were quickly joined by Dan Salamons on bass and their first single ‘Blue Velvet’ erupted onto the scene, an impressive debut and an exciting sign of what was to come. With the addition of Jonny Williams on drums, the band followed up with their second single “Solemn Skies” and cemented themselves as a certified hot ticket.

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Hello Childhood! So your debut album is coming out next Week – how are you all feeling about the release?
Hi! We are real excited! It’s been a staggered release across the world but its great to know the word of Childhood is spreading like wildfire, and hopefully it will mean we can travel more and play shows.

How did you decide on the album’s name, Lacuna?
Lacuna means a gap or unfilled space, it can be applied to music or architecture. The lyrics on the album deal with trying to fill emotional voids or gaps, changing landscapes and a general emptiness. We really like the word and felt it could be related to both music and lyrics on the album.

Could you talk me through the recording process for the album – how did you go about writing your songs?
Some songs are 4 years old, some are as fresh as 6 months ago. It’s a collection of what we feel is our best work since our conception as a band. Some of the songs were written by 1 person, others are a collaborative effort. Our producer Dan Carey played a large part in helping us fully realise our ideas too.

Have you a particular favourite track on it?
It changes every week. At the moment it’s ‘Right Beneath Me’

How did you all meet, and what’s the story behind your band name?
I (Leo) met Ben at university and he posed the idea to me that we should be in a band called Childhood. At this stage we hadn’t written any songs. I liked the name so thought why not! Luckily there was a cohesion between the early demos we wrote so Childhood was born. We met Dan (bass) soon afterwards at university hearing he was a bass guitar aficionado, so he had to join. We met Jonny (drums) and Max (synths) back in London once we finished university and were able to pursue the band full time.

What music do you think has influenced Childhood’s sound – is there any particular artist or album that had the most influence?
In the early days it was a shared love of Deerhunter that brought us together, but really what we love is melodic guitar music and classic songwriting which we take as a backbone before giving it a Childhood spin. We love Michael Jackson, Todd Rundgren, David Bowie….

Have you heard one of your songs on the radio yet?
Yup! I remember the first time, we were in a small town in Wales on our first ever UK tour. It felt great!

You’ve been touring around France and Europe at the minute – how receptive have audiences been to your new material?
They’ve been very receptive so far, especially to some of the new songs. You never know what an audience is going to be like but europe has treated us deliciously.

Is there any place where audiences have been particularly enthusiastic?
Japan! The people out there go nuts, some of them were even singing ever word back!

What was your first gig like?
Terrifying, i’d never been on a stage before so was very nervous, and there were a lot of people there. It probably sounded terrible! We only played about 4 or 5 songs and none of us could afford the equipment to emulate the sound of our demos.

What do you do on your days off?
At the moment i’m taking it easy as we have been on the road so much since the beginning of summer. Soon it will be writing for the second album! Today FIFA 15 comes out, so that needs to be bought.

What’s the most-played song on your MP3 right now?
Air – Venus