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His Playlist :

Roisin Murphy Ancora Ancora Ancora »
FKA Twigs Two Weeks
Woman’s Hour In Stillness We Remain
Say Lou Lou Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)
Slow Club Complete Surrender
Oscar Key Sung All That I Could Do
Kamp! Parrarels
Taquwami Two
Wild Beasts Sweet Spot

Who are you?
Hello! My name is Satoru Teshima and I am from Japan. People call me Teshi because it is easier for a lot of people in the world to pronounce (or so I am convinced..). I run a bilingual music blog called Lights + Music (*). Our aim is to introduce up-and-coming musical talents for readers, to maybe help them discover something little different than what can be found on endless VEVO marathon or suggestions made by your clever iTunes. I don’t like talking about artists that I don’t care for, so it’s fully based on my taste. I like pop music, so in that sense Teez and L + M have a lot to in common. Our music is more indie sounding, I suppose.

We have worked with Teez this year to put up an interview with Architecture in Helsinki in Japanese. It was fun!

How long have you known TEEZ’ for?
I was introduced to TEEZ’ last year by my French friend. He told me to talk to the owner and we have kept in touch since then, both admiring the work of each other.

Who is your latest favourite artist?
Oh man, I just can’t stop listening to FKA Twigs. I adore everything she does.

Does music occupy an important place in your life?
It certainly does. Besides running my own music blog, I work full-time for a record store in Kyoto, Japan. Music is always playing in the office, and on the way to work I put some music on my iPhone. There’s not a time in a day I am not listening to music. It’s an important source of inspiration for me.

Do you remember your first purchase of a single?
I think it was Utada Hikaru’s « Wait & See ». Great song.

How do you consume music?
I stopped buying CDs since I started working at a record store (and that I do not own a CD player.) I mainly buy vinyls now. I sometimes download tracks on iTunes. The last download I think was a track called « Danger » by The Lijadu Sisters and LP1 by FKA Twigs.

Your last concert?
My last concert was S.R. Lynch. He is an artist from New York. He played in Kyoto last month at a small venue called UrBANGUILD. There wasn’t a lot of audience, but his performance was nonetheless powerful and emotional, not to mention his masterful piano playing skills. It reminded me the « Songs For Lulu »-era Rufus Wainwright. Very dramatic, but maybe a less theatrical.