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His Playlist :

Lana Del Rey : West Coast
Lorde : Team
Charli XCX : BOOM Clap
Adrien Gallo : Monokini
François & The Atlas Mountain : La vérité
Róisín Murphy : In Sintesi
Annie : Ralph Maccio

Who are you?
My first name is Cédric but I like to join my grand father’s first name, so Cédric Joseph. I’m from Lyon in France.

How long have you known TEEZ’ for?
For one year now. Thank you Thierry.

Who is your latest favorite artist?
I really really love Susan Sundfor. Beautiful voice.

Does music occupy an important place in your life?
It’s like the desert miss the rain.

Do you remember your first purchase of a single?
Of course. I was twelve years old. Cyndi Lauper – Girls just want to have fun.

How do you consume music?
In fact, don’t think that i consume music. It’s more like a close relationship between me and the songs that i am listening to.

Your last concert?
Etienne Daho at the « Nuits de Fourvière » in Lyon.

The playlist will be available on our soundcloud Sunday at 8:30pm