Her first single to be released on Kitsuné, ‘Fire May Save You’ blends Frances beautiful warm voice with distinct melodies and haunting piano lines with the promise of a wonderful musical adventure to come.

The single package also features three remixes by some very promising young producers who each bring their own unique interpretation of the song.


Thanks to Frances
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Lucius Y / Kitsuné


Thierry Jaussaud

Hey Frances, how’s it going?
Hey! It’s going great thank you.

How would you describe the sound of your music in three words?
My music in three words.. I’d say: honest, warm, melodic.

You are only 20 now, how long have you been making music?
I recently turned 21 so I’m officially officially officially an adult now! I’ve been doing music in some form since I was 2 years old. But I’ve been writing songs since the age of 12.

Do you have a musical family?
My parents aren’t musical at all, but they love music. I can’t remember an evening, weekend or car journey that wasn’t full of music! There was always music playing at home and my parents bought an upright piano when I was 9 as I showed a real interest in playing at school.

When was the breakthrough moment for you and you know music was going to be a career?
I think I’ve always known that I was going to have a career in music in some way. Whether as a artist, songwriter, session musician or a music teacher! It’s all I’ve ever done.

How did your meeting go with the Kitsuné label?
Kitsune heard my first track « Coming Up For Air » that I put online in March time. We then met up a few times and chatted about doing a single together, and here we are!

Are you pleased with the reaction to ‘Fire May Save You’?
I’m really pleased with the reaction. I couldn’t expect too much as it’s only a first single and I want to build things slowly and organically, but I’ve been really happy that people have enjoyed the single and the remixes. That’s the most important thing for me, just for people to enjoy it!

What inspired the track?
My songs are always inspired from personal experience or experience of those close to me. « Fire May Save You » is about embracing the chaos to make things better in the long run.

I read somewhere that you had been compared to Birdy and Cloe Howl, what do you have to say about that?
Birdy and Chloe Howl are amazing, so it’s great to be compared to such amazing female artists.

There are a lot of Talented Young Artists coming out of Britain Now, who else do You Rate?
Rhodes is great, I love his stuff so much. Luke Sital-Singh is awesome too!

What music did you grow up listening to?
Growing up I was listening to Coldplay, Radiohead, Keane, Beck, Aqualung, Bjork, Macy Gray, all the good stuff!!

If the internet disappeared for a week, what would you do with all your free time?
If the internet disappeared, I don’t think much would change in my life.. Other than that I couldn’t get my emails.. But I’d most definitely spend the week writing music, seeing friends and walking my dogs!