Lo-Fang is the musical moniker of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Hemerlein. His classical training in violin, cello, bass piano and guitar bring complexity and depth to an electro-pop, R&B influenced sound.


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Thierry Jaussaud

What initially inspired you to start Lo-Fang?
I’ve always made music so this was a natural culmination of all of my training and self discovery.

If you could describe your sound in three words, what would they be?
Believe in stronger

In terms of songwriting, what were your biggest inspirations when you began, and are they any different now?
Beatles, Bach, Wu-tang Clan..not really

How did your meeting go with the 4AD label?
It went really well!! we still have a lot of meetings now. I think they’re still going well.

I have read in a recent interview that you have been collaborating with François Tétaz. How did your collaboration happen?
We met in 2012 and really hit it off. Its hard to say how much of an impact he’s had on my recent development as we work so well together and he’s truly one of the closest friends I’ve ever had.

How did you choose the cover of « You’re the One That I Want » on the album? Did it work well with the atmosphere of the album?
I don’t really consciously choose songs to cover..its more like I cant get it out of my head and so then channel that obsessive energy into different spin on something familiar.

You’ve supported Lorde in her tour. What’s your impressions ? Have you plan to work together ?
I love the Lorde! she’s incredibly talented and works really hard. I had the best time ever touring with her and her band/team. I hope we do some other stuff in the past or the future.

What are your favorite songs off Blue Film to play live?
Right now I love playing Animal Urges. That song just goes over so well in a live setting and has so much athleticism attached to it. I don’t know what it means but it gets the people going.

On Blue Film the songwriting is great, but so is the production. How do you translate that really crisp production to a live show?
Just try make it sound like a dinosaur who can do ballet.

Can you name one positive and one downfall of modern music?
I don’t really understand what modern music means as a concept. So much of music seems to be still so rooted in the past. I think you’re referring to technologies influence on music, but I`m not really in a position to shed any light on this. It is nice when the computers are working though and pretty annoying when they don’t.

If you hadn’t chosen a career in music, what would you have done instead?
Practiced eastern medicine