Rocky is a band, recording house music and performing it on stage, not afraid to show you the sadness of their soul, but their felicity too.


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Photos Rene Habermacher

Thierry Jaussaud

Why « Rocky »?
We thought it was interesting to divert a name from its original object to give it a different meaning and then find out the amount of time it would take for people to directly associate this name to a new topic without referring first to the initial object. This is far from it yet but we are very combative and tenacious.

Your meeting?
The three boys we were playing together in the band TV Glory but as all good things come to an end, at one point we had other musical desires, so we started working on the current Rocky songs, but we needed a voice. None of us would do the singing and then this young friend of ours introduced us to Ines Kokou, who was then a student in prepa in Lille. Everything worked instantly and serious things could begin.

What are your inspirations for this EP? When was it recorded?
It was recorded about a year ago and it was released in late October 2013. The influences are those of Rocky’s members. Pop, disco, hip hop, reggae, house garage. But we did not want to lock ourselves in one of these styles but rather mix them by little touches, while keeping a pop song format verse-chorus that could be loved by as many as possible.

How have you thought of the aesthetics of your cover?
It is the joint work of Pierre Le Ny, the artistic director of our label (Gum) and the studio The Stimule eye (René Habermacher and Antoine Asseraf) whom he has called to create the cover and the video.

What is your relationship with fashion? Are there any designers you are particularly fond of?
Fashion is good but you should not overdo it. We like to mix fashion pieces with vintage or cheaper stuff. But most of the time we slack in tracksuits. Among the designers of the time we are eagerly expecting the first collection of the brand COOL GARÇON.

What has changed in your life since you have been « famous »?
Nothing since we are not and it’s really hard to project ourselves as such.

You have actually swept the web, what do you think of this new mode of communication for musicians?
Wow, broad question as the web has changed the world. This is very convenient but as everything is constantly changing, you always have to be moving and anticipate the new cool thing to communicate. But if we were to pick one thing from everything the web has changed over the last fifteen years, it may be the return of the music video as a means of promotion. In early 2000, no more generalist channel would broadcast music videos, as a result record companies would not really invest in them anymore. Whereas today, the web has really given them back the importance they deserve, it is even a must for smaller artists and it’s great. The video is a great format and it allows the band to embody their time. I’m thinking of for example videos by Gaultier or Mondino for The Rita Mistsuko those by Spike Jonze for The Beastie Boys or the DIY videos by La Femme aujourd’hui. To get back into an era, nothing is like a good video.

Has the album already got a title? A release date?

Nope. It is planned for 2015, certainly for winter, or spring, maybe for summer even, or fall, for 2015 in fact.

Ready to go on tour?
We have been on tour so to speak for all the time, we have had regular dates for 6 months and it’s great. I think we will really be able to speak of a « tour » at the time of the album.