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When did Beaty Heart form and what inspired the name?
Around 5 years ago we started jamming together and its all progressed each year since then. The name was based on a joke we had at the time. Its taken on its own meaning since then though. We liked the conitations it had to rhythm and it felt nice to say.

What are your aspirations as a band?
We all love music with harmonies and layers. The Congos, Les Troubadours…, Beach Boys, Panda Bear, the list could go on. Also the obvious influence of African and carribean rhythms is huge.

So your debut album is coming out this month – how are you all feeling about the release?
Obviously extremely exited. This record has been a long process for us so to see it come into fruition is so awesome!

How did you decide on the album’s name, Mixed Blessings?
There is a bakery that I used to go past everyday on the bus called Mixed Blessings and I loved the duality of meaning that the phrase contained in the context of our record.

Could you talk me through the recording process for the album – how did you go about writing your songs?
The album is a mix of songs that we’ve had in the bank for a while that have gone through a big journey in themselves, and others that have been specifically written for the album. Lots of the songs on the album mainly originate from jamming sessions that have slowly evolved into full fledged tracks. We had the pleasure of working with producer Dave Eringa who was massively up for experimenting with different processes. He was able to bring method to the madness and help us fine tune our ideas, peppering it with his producer magic .

The album was recorded in a converted barn in the beautiful Essex countryside, UK. It was an amazing environment to do a record in and we felt pretty spoilt.

Have you a particular favourite track on it?
Muti was a track that was previously unwritten before we entered the recording process, and developed within the studio. It turned out really beautifully.

You’ve been touring around the UK and Europe at the minute – how receptive have audiences been to your new material? Is there any place where audiences have been particularly enthusiastic?
We had the chance to tour a small bit of Europe this Spring for the first time ever. All the shows were really busy and the response to our newer material from the album super positive. That was the best feeling ever. Highights were Ghent and Amsterdam

How was « Le Nouveau Casino » ?
Merveilleux! We always love coming to Paris and had some of our first big shows here. But I must say, you spoilt us this time, what a great venue! We were opening up for Jungle, who smashed it obviously, love playing with those guys, the vibes are always so high!

Who would you die for to play with?
Alice Coltrane, no question.

What sort of things do you enjoy doing with your free time?
We love most ball sports, skateboarding at service stations (The only free time you really get on tour is spent there….!) and a strong cocktail at our local haunt in Peckham. Also massive fans of comedy shows, anything with Larry David associations.

What are your aspirations as a band?
To keep writing records that people wanna listen to. We’re massively keen to get out to Japan at some point too.