Roisin Murphy Ancora Tu

Seven years after her last solo album ‘Overpowered’, and a variety of underground dance tracks and collaborations, Róisín Murphy has delivered quite a curveball with her ‘Mi Senti’ EP.

A collection of six classic Italian pop songs – five of which are covers, one an original composition. All delivered in near perfect Italian, by the Irish singer songwriter (who, by her own admission, does not speak a word of Italian).

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How did the initial idea for the Mi Senti EP come about?
My boyfriend is Italian and a record producer, my son is half Italian and so I am surrounded by elements of Italian culture, music, food and art. One day we were watching Mina sing Non Credere on youtube and I just wondered if I could sing it, it started with no particular plan and it evolved out of that one song.

…and with whom and for how long were you in the studio for, working on this project?
With my long time collaborator Eddie Stevens and my boyfriend Sebastiano Properzi it took roughly two months.

Out of the extensive back catalogue of hit Italian songs… how on earth did you finally settle on the tracks that you have? What influenced the choices?
Just instinct I guess, primarily we looked for songs that could showcase my voice.

Let’s take Ancora Tu. How did you approach ‘deconstructing’ this amazing Italian pop song and then recreating it as Roisin Murphy?
Did you have an obvious starting point?

As with all the songs we worked with the tools we have, electronics. We were careful to research Italian music and found much inspiration in Italo-disco and pop.

So, with the Mi Senti EP out and proud… how’s the material coming along for that highly anticipated 3rd solo album. Have you taken pleasure in watching fans tear themselves apart for more?
Well, I have written the record, in fact it may be two records because its been so long that once I sat down to write it I got an incredible rush of inspiration and we now have 30 songs to take to the next stage. Everything has changed and I can now have direct contact with the fans in a way that was just not possible before and yes, I take much strength from that.

Although people are waiting for that 3rd album, you have in fact released tracks and collaborations throughout the last few years.
A highlight for me was the track with Luca C & Brigante.
Within your work, how do collaborations come about? How do you know which ones are worth investing your time in?

I get asked a lot, It’s just a case of if I love the music. But for me I am most proud of Simulation, written with my very old friend Parrot (All Seeing Eye, Crooked Man) its one of my favorite tracks I have ever been involved in.

You’ve been doing DJ-ing over the last years or so, but how does that compare to doing a proper live concert?
Very different, Its fun you can dip in and out of it, but when you are touring a band they become your family and it takes over your whole life.

It’s been 9 years since Ruby Blue came out. What is the most important thing that you’ve learned as an artist since then?
I have learned to just let it out, in Moloko I worked solley with my boyfriend Mark and I had it easy, there was no pressure, sometimes it would take weeks to write a song. Once I went out on my own I had to prove myself in the studio with so many people I did not even know. In writing overpowered I really had to deliver and I became a song machine, now if I go in the studio for one day I always come out of it with a song.

What’s happened during the last few years that have influenced you and the content of your upcoming LP?
Emotions, adulthood, my distant past in Sheffield, my children, also my strange and beautiful relationship with gay men.

Who have you been working on the album with? Any names we should make a note of?
At the moment its just me and Eddie, there may be others involved by the end though.

Moving on, social media and marketing for music artists seem to go hand in hand these days. Tell us – what do you like to do/use within social media and what sort of action do you like to see in return from the fans?
My fans are hugely engaged and responsive, I am on Facebook of course but its taken us all by surprise how many people have found me there. Recently I started a profile on Instagram(mickeymurphysdaughter) and I am loving it, I’m a very visual person and I find all sorts of inspiration there and I love chatting with folks.