Steve Smith & Paul Harris are well versed in the world of Electronic music creating Dirty Vegas over 10 years ago and are ready for the next step in the bands evolution. Continuing a legacy of excellence in a career that has garnered innumerable accolades including the pretentious Grammy for Best Electronic Album. Smith & Harris have spent 2013 working on new material, not to chase the trend of EDM but because Electronic music is in their blood, in their being and soul.

The result is their 6th official release; an EP titled ‘Let The Night’ released on d:vision this Spring and already charting Top 3 on iTunes US Dance Albums.

#LetTheNight is out now on iTunes! http://smarturl.it/LetTheNight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dirtyvegasmusic

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How did you start making music – had you been forced to play an instrument somehow or was it in your own interest?
Paul – I learnt the Piano and Trumpet, but I’m honestly not great at either, but I can play a tune… I Become a DJ in 1989, and then started to make house music back in 1994, and it certainly helped be able to play and have good idea’s of melody.

Dirty Vegas have now been together for a decade. Is there anything in particular you are proud of in those ten years?
Paul – Still being around, still making music that people like.

There was a 4-year hiatus between 2005 and 2009, where you guys didn’t release too much material… what was going on during this time?
Paul – I was back off DJ’in a lot, and got back to making underground house tracks for labels such as Saved / Rekids / Toolroom / etc, and also become a writer for other artist.

I think your new single Setting Sun is a great track. Can you tell us the story behind the song?
Paul – Story not sure, just the whole vibe is happy , euphoric, I think the chorus came first and then worked backwards ! (As most songs do !!)

How do you decide which songs gets lyrics and do you write the lyrics for the songs or do you leave this to the singer?
Paul – We are a band, so all the tracks are written there and then, and after that they are tweaked. Of course Steve is the singer from DV, we have no other singer !

Any dream collaborations that you’d like to feature?

Paul – Far far too many , Classixx / Rac / Coucheron / Chris Malinchak / Disclosure / Tourist , and thats just to start !

Can you guys give us any hint on what might the upcoming album sound like or is it a secret?
Paul – It’s more of the same, we have recorded enough material for a album , we  »just » have to finish them.. It’s sounding very summery, hopefully have it finished before the end of the summer !

Do you often listen to your debut album Dirty Vegas? If so, how do you feel the band has evolved?
Paul – Personally I don’t really listen to anything I’ve done , expect if you have to remake stuff for live show’s etc….

The Princess of Pop has just released her new album « Kiss Me Once ». What do you think of it?
Paul – I’m lucky enough to have worked with Kylie on a couple of her records , Of what I’ve heard of the new album I really like it.

Do you have any Europe tours or festival appearances confirmed?
Paul – Working on them now , Ill check with our agent Bond 🙂

Finally, where’s your favourite place to play?
Paul – Anywhere that’s quite small , great sound system , and people who want to listen to a range of music !