Lit up by neon, powered by heart, lungs and a med school mind, Frida Sundemo has taken her gut feeling as far as it will go for this five-track EP of protean, gossamery electro-pop.

Lit Up By Neon was produced by longtime collaborator Joel Humlén.

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Thierry Jaussaud

Hi Frida, how’s it going?
I’m great, thanks! On the train to Gothenburg to get some family time during the weekend.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career? What was it like trying to break into the music scene?
I’ve always written songs and for many years I just kept them for myself, since I didn’t have a very strong need to share it with others. In 2007 I started to upload the music on Myspace and as I got some good feedback from strangers I got even more motivated to keep on creating music.
As I continued writing music the desire to really make it to the big scenes grew more and more. I also started to do some acoustic live shows and the dream got even bigger.

The music business is a strange place and it’s not always very gentle and kind to you. But I’ve surrounded myself with a lot of good people all through the journey and that has helped me a lot.

Lit Up By Neon’s’ been doing extremely well. Did you expect such a reception?
You never know how people will receive your new songs and I honestly don’t spend very much time thinking of that until the music is actually released. I’m just super focused on how I find it myself and that my guts agree. But once the songs are out I’m of course really happy and thankful if people express their love about the music.

We love « Lit Up By Neon », however Drawn to You is one of our favorites, can you tell us about that track?
Really glad to hear that, thanks!
Drawn To You is pretty much the ending of any romantic comedy with Hugh Grant in the leading role.
You just left someone (preferable on a train station) and you’re absolutely miserable. Walking home in the middle of the night, your tears barely seen in the pounding rain. Suddenly it’s perfectly clear to you – you’ve made a mistake. You turn around and you run faster than you ever did in your whole life, nothing could ever hold you back. Or maybe it’s about something totally different. You decide.

Your album has been released in Japan only so far. Is there an international release planned ?
No international album release planned, so far.

Many people have compared you to artists like Robyn or Kate Boy, who would you compare your music with?
That is a really tricky question. I don’t really know what other music it sounds like, but I feel connected to Niki & The Dove, Loney Dear, John Williams, Boys Noize, Tom Waits and many more.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
I would love to write something together with Chris Martin. He’s a genius.
Debussy would be cool too. Might be a hard one, though.

The synthesizer driven spacey pop is yet to be clearly defined as a genre, how would you describe your music?
Appealing melodies, wrapped in big, epic soundscapes.

Why do you think so much good music comes out of Sweden?
I think the main reason for the last 15 years is that people in Sweden constantly are being told that they are so great songwriters/producers. That creates an environment where a lot of us feel that we actually can do it. It’s like a positive spiral.

What do you do in your spare time when you are not in the studio or writing tracks?
I love being with family and friends, running, cooking, go swimming, all kind of sports.

What do you are you currently working on?

A bunch of new tracks! Both for my own coming releases and some collaborations. It feels like I’ve got some exciting things coming up.