Born and bred under the scorching sun of Southern France, André Dalcan and Ludmila Cassar are a pairing both inside and outside the studio. Together they produce and perform as REFLEX. Their sets cascade in vintage synths and head-spinning arpeggios, with an Eighties vibe that is never far away. With choruses that evoke memories of a carefree past, their songs fill your heart and mind with feelgood vibes and don’t let go.

Reflex makes quality pop music to die for that translates perfectly to the stage for their energetic live shows infused with a rock attitude.


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Thierry Jaussaud

Hi, how are you doing today? and where are you answering our interview questions from?
Hi Thierry ! We’re good, thanks ! Hanging out in Paris after our release party at Wanderlust

How would you describe each other?
André : Lud writes all the music and also sings, she’re a real musician, sensitive and strong. She has the absolute pitch, I mean she’s able to rewrite all that she hears. she’s a perfectionist and never lets a wrong key somewhere, composing to give emotions. In the same way, arpeggios are written by herself, never with an arpeggio-loop-machine. And she’s also a bit special and crazy too (composing a lot of tracks in dreaming, this is weird but it works ), a kind of geek.

Ludmila : André is essential to the project, bright with the machines, perfectionist, an awesome sound engineer, he always gets some new ideas. It is rewarding to work with him. The project definitely wouldn’t be the same whitout him cause he finds these shiny sounds, gives a beautiful atmosphere… I love analog synths but he’s the master of this area, he works the best. We’re trying to make people happy with our tracks, or give them some good feelings, nice emotions, so we’re totally compatible on this project.

Five words to describe REFLEX
Ok right : Sea, Dreamy, Air, Colourful, and Refreshing ( hope so ! )

If you had to pick one decade to live in, which one would it be and why?
André : Nothing from the past, we’re so curious about the future. So a decade in the future for sure. Ludmila : We’re both geeks about a lot of things, even we love old synths and retrogaming of course. New technologies are constlantly in progress, quickly, so maybe somewhere in 2110, just to see what will happen in Art and Music, why not.

Tell us something about your first release on Continental Records…
Ludmila : Well, it’s a good coincidence. We met Mathieu Bouthier (Jerry ‘s brother, but we didn’t know yet at the time ) on a gig in Switzerland, then a few months after, we played with Jerry in a club in France. Mathieu was there, he talked immediately about them and Jerry then accepted to hear some of our tracks. So we started the adventure with Continental Records, our first EP « Wavering » which includes 2 original tracks ( « Wavering » and « Fallin » ) and 3 remixes from friends artists : Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya – drummer of Jamaica -, the japanese producer Kido Yoji and Second Date from London. Of course, we’ll continue to work with Jerry Bouthier.

André : Jerry wants to create a real family of artists, we’re on the same thoughts. He drives us a lot, he gives us real good advice and tips. This release and the other one ( Together EP ) are important for us because there is a strong symbolic around, about our meeting with Jerry and the begining of REFLEX.

What has influenced you the most?
André : Pictures, and landscapes. Of course we listen to a lot of music, but we’re unconsciously influenced by that. I mean, pictures, Art, can give you some feelings, and you’re free to translate them in music. There’re definitely the best impact. I think you’ll understand when you watch our next video music or teaser video

Ludmila : Yes I can’t go to the studio saying ‘ok, I have to compose something now’. Inspiration comes everywhere. Also, I compose a lot of tracks in my dreams so I wake up and immediately sing all the samples with an app on my phone to keep the idea. I love to translate colours and shapes into a melody too. I think we’ll transpose our tumblr into our pic-bank very soon ( http://reflexreflex.tumblr.com )

Your EP “Sunset” sounded amazing, how was working with the Tigers On A Leash team?
Thanks ! We produced all the tracks ourselves in our studio. and Lou Teti ( owner of Tigers On A Leash, based in Brooklyn ) asked us to give him some tracks. He picked 2 tracks, Sunset and Nothing Say Or Do. We decided together about the remixers names, we were all ok for the talented Bufi and the Japanese producers Give Me Wallets. And we decided 1 month before the release date to add the  » Sunset club mix  » version as a gift on our Soundcloud.

What do you think of nu disco as a genre and where do you think it’s heading?
Do you think that it has the potential of breaking through the mainstream glass ceiling?
It’s already happened a lot of times actually. For example The Magician with his remix of Lykke lee was a big hit. I think Disclosure and Bondax for example turn Nu-Disco on the UK Garage way, this is a good thing cause now we’ve nu disco feelings with House energy. A perfect combo. Scenes are changing constantly with an interesting evolution. For the last few years, we’ve been at an interesting crossing, more than ever. The only thing you have to do is making music with sincerity.

What are your thoughts on singing in English vs. singing in French?
Ludmila : English is made for the music and French for the poetry. English is universal, you can explain a lot of things with nice sonorities. But some bands like Housse De Racket can find the perfect words to make our language highly melodious.

André : Actually we’re working on an album and Lud sings also in French on a few tracks !

How was Wanderlust ?
Wanderlust was amazing, it’s one of the best places in Paris. The club was full with boosted crowd. Awesome party. They add just before them for a special set Dj Pfel ( from C2C ), MK ( who didn’t hear about his great remix for Duke Dumont ), masses of people were here to dance… and Oxford, Bufi and Jack Savidge from Friendly Fires were really nice too !

What are you next challenges or upcoming projects? Any collab ahead?
At the moment we’re working on our next music video, and on our album of course, we’re expecting the release of another of our remixes for DJ Cam and also a collab wtih Punks Jump Up is on the way.

Give us some of the artists that are on repeat at Reflex HQ. Any particular guilty pleasures ?
Davidian ( on Kitsuné ) Gigamesh Tensnake Pomo Darius

Lud : It is hard to choose only 5 guys ! As far as I am concerned, my guilty pleasure are all the Warp Label scene, or 8-bit and retrogaming-sounds scene too. Or Special Dreamy scene like Lone or Wave Racer for example.

Last question: You’re trapped on a deserted island, and allowed only one dessert for the rest of your days. What do you choose?
André : A typical french cake called  » Paris-Brest « . French pastries are so addictive… Lud : I eat quite fresh fruits only as a dessert. So why should I take something with plenty of sugar, instead of fresh healthy exotic fruits ? Here are pineapple trees, mangos and coconuts everywhere on this island. But ok, I’ve to admit I love french-home-made ice cream coffee, of hot coffee with home-made vanilla whipped cream, gosh hmmm